Challenge 2012: A Second-Hand Year

2012 is almost upon us and I know I am not the only one clinging to hope for the new year, desperately dreaming of the things that may come.  For me, the year holds exciting plans: moving in with my sister, travelling for clinical rotations for school, a white-coat ceremony where I get to finally feel like a doctor, and potentially even an engagement and wedding planning! ( 26, this bloggirl is still a little superstitious).  ...more
Great post! We're curious what inspired you to make this commitment in the midst of what sounds ...more

Trash is Treasure for Some Businesses

As the push to be environmentally conscious increases, many of us try to practice what we preach - reduce-reuse-recycle. But according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 55 percent of everyday garbage and trash still ends up in giant landfills across the nation. All this trash may have an up side as a renewable energy source!  At landfills across the county, new technology is being used to capture the methane gas created as the garbage decomposes.  This is treated and used as fuel. ...more