The Greenest Female CEOs in America

Though the modern female CEO is still outnumbered by her male counterparts, women have made some power strides in today's biggest businesses. About 20 of the largest companies in America are run by woman, with an increasing number being promoted each year. Not surprising, a lot of the women lead companies that go one step further than generating profits –  they care about the environment. Check out the power players in some of the biggest companies in the United States:...more

What If The Whole World Ate Like Americans?

The US has about 5% of the world’s population but uses 25% of the world’s energy.If the rest of the world ate as much food or used as much energy and natural resources as Americans do, we would need… 2 planets…. sustain life.How can you lower your carbon footprint with eco-friendly eating habits?Check out this video to learn how!...more

Encouraging Reuse: An Online Option

When we think about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we immediately recall recycling and the efforts cities make to enforce this practice. Although, there are many practical and effective solutions, the 3R’s don’t receive equal attention. Typically, recycling is made easy by providing receptacles to separate paper, aluminum, glass, plastic and even tires.We are also mindful to reduce our consumption of water, electricity, paper products, adopt walking, biking and opt for public transportation.But one R - reuse - tends to be overlooked. Consumers participate by using grocery totes, reusable water bottles and by donating items to charities. But these facilities have limited space, and many items are not accepted such as furniture, exercise equipment, textbooks, encyclopedias and electrical fixtures. Much of this never ends up back in circulation even though it could be used by others.   Image: Lord Jim via Flickr ...more

Trash Talk Tuesday

I realized over the thanksgiving weekend, how thankful I am for my health and family. But I also realized that I take for the one thing for granted that I love and that is nature. So, today I vow to move forward each week with one  additional small step in making my families carbon footprint a little smaller. As most of you know I'm a slacker, so I need your, tips and tricks to keep me moving so I can be more kind to Mother Nature....more