A New Shirt From an Old Skirt

   Do you ever look in your closet and think "I have NOTHING to wear!!"  Well, that happens to me.  All. The....more

An Upcycled Skirt Made From a Thrifted Shirt

At this point some of my friends are starting to think that I have a problem with sewing.  I promise, I can quit anytime I want.  It's just that I don't want to right now.  And, since it is Skirt Week over at  ...more

How To Create Today's Embellished Tops

I look at the embellished t-shirts and cardigans at Anthropologie, J. Crew, and even Old Navy -- since last year, these retailers have featured thin, flimsy items with embellishments for $40-$70. I wonder who would buy these items, since looking at them shows that the work involved is quite simple. I'm obviously not the only person thinking these embellishments are easy to do. ...more

Thank you for taking the time to share. You make it sound so easy that I am sure that even ...more

Four Years of Crafting and Gardening at BlogHer: My Favorite Posts

We are celebrating five years of BlogHer (and have you contributed to #blogher5 yet?) As one of the original contributing editors, I've been writing here since January, 2006. In a reflective mood, I read back through the four years of posts and found repeated themes, favorite posts, and much to remember: ...more

That was a great one. I followed along to brush up on my fundamentals. Thanks!


Nation Sewing Month Winds Down

Today is final day of National Sewing Month.  One month for learning new sewing skills -learning how to how at all; for finishing projects begun earlier; for leaping into the ReStyle/ReMake themes of the year.  I'm wondering how everybody did this month. For myself, I did little sewing. I took part in a tiara-making party for a friend's birthday celebration -which required a small amount of sewing along with lots of be-dazzling and glitter.  And I did tackle all the items in the mending pile. That was, however, the extent of my sewing.  How about others? ...more

I sewed up a storm in September, finishing 3 and at least beginning 2 of more

Fun Among the Craft Blogs

I walked into one of my favorite stores the other day (yes, Target!  how did you know?) when I assaulted with back to school items already blessing the aisles.  It's the middle of summer!  If school starts soon, then fall comes soon, followed closely by cool weather and too many holidays.  Holidays, by the way, that I need time to prepare for. To comfort my soul when I returned I went searching for fun times among the crafty bloggers.  Fun- that's what the middle of July is supposed to be about.  Want to see what I found? ...more