The right bone is connected to the left...

***Sigh***Old age is not for sissies. I read this all the time.I walk my dogs, take an exercise class, eat lighter now that it’s warm out.I am in pain....more

Sales Referral Partners Leads to New Customers

Using partnerships to grow your business is smart business. Partnering drives market awareness, aligns your brand with other credible brands, opens doors to new customers and can even provide value-added products and services to increase your average sale....more

Growing Your Business by Word of Mouth

If you had to solely rely on word of mouth and referrals to grow your business, could you? Would you?...more

Would You Hire Someone Better Than You?

Would you be okay with hiring someone better than you? I'm fairly new at this company, which is doing sufficiently well to warrant a bit of a hiring frenzy in certain areas. It is not a perfect company on the technology side (the business model is darn close to perfect for the space), but it is a fantastic place to work. So I referred some of my colleagues who are still at my previous shop, which was a hard place and getting harder. One of them is getting called already by HR. The other, more senior one...not yet....more