Embracing the True Definition of "Im-Perfect-ion"

Imperfection. Perhaps because I'm a writing major, that word has always amused me. Mostly because you can't spell it without the letters spelling "Imperfection" leading the way....more

What It Really Means to Live On the Edge

Most people want to make the most of life. Most want to be the best version of themselves possible. And most people equate those results with the popular slogan, "Live life on the edge!" ...more

April Create - a Poem although Late

What happened to my commitmentfor each day to play like a child?In this adult body, it is not easyto throw away errands and be wild.But what if I started each morningwith a stretch, quiet time and an OOMM by the time evening came...more

Tea Time w/ Coco: Hawaii Bound

Happy Sunday, friends. Can you believe it's already the 1st of March? I cant. It flew by so quickly. Even though it isn't February I still wanted to share my Feb. Tea Time and touch base with you, old friend. For those of you that are new to Tea Time grab a cup of tea, get comfy and join in....more

Another Way of Looking At It

The other day, I read No More Looking Back from Tamara and I loved her idea. I'd like to credit her with the idea, but alas she says she got the idea from another blogger entirely. Oh well, nonetheless, I think it's a great idea and so I'm going to take another look at 2014. This time through a set of questions. I'm thinking my answers might even tell you a bit more about me, which is always fun, right?What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?...more

Retreating into Silence

Tomorrow I'm going to an overnight silent retreat with my church. I did the church retreat a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it....more

The differences between the first and second child

In many predictable ways having a second child has changed my mothering for example: increasing my forgetfulness while simultaneously decreasing my reservoir of patience. My second child has just reached his first birthday and with that celebratory occasion came a mountain of realizations for me about the differences between baby number one and baby number two....more

it's avni. not vavni, ami and certainly not arni.

Anvi, Avin, Ani, Avini are some of the tamer and understandable mangles.Vivienne, Ami, Vavni, some of the more inventive....more

Suppose to...

Well, I am apart of the 'suppose to' generation. Grew up with typical, normal may even say Huxatablish home life - two parents, 3 kids and 1 van. Both parents has some college experience so I too was 'suppose to' go to and graduate college - check - did that but upon graduation realized I did not know what the next 'suppose to' or was not ready for it. So, of course I stated to listen to that VOICE that said whoa, slow this down and learn more about who, what and why you are so you can LIVE the next 30+ years without 'suppose to'....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 9

No pretty pictures today. No happy post. No sunshine, puppies or rainbows.All I have is a plea."Please save me from the hell know as a moving sale."Nothing is more awful for me that to lay my stuff out for public viewing and hope that some poor schmuck needs it worse than I ever did. Yikes, I hate this feeling. A feeling of being judged perhaps? Of someone looking at what I have to offer and thinking, no, equating it to who I am. I am not the sum of my stuff. I am not the sum of what I am asking for this stuff....more