I avoided having close girlfriends growing up.  Well, it wasn’t that I avoided it, it was more that I didn’t trust women enough to spend my time cultivating any sort of a relationship.  Inevitably whatever information I shared would, in fact, spread like wildfire on a dry hillside in August.  Now maybe it was my fault for thinking that I could trust the angelic faces I called “friends” or perhaps the information I shared was so sensitive that I should have known better than to have shared it in the first place, therefore it was no ones fault but my own....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 20

Well, it's getting tougher and tougher to select a photo and to find writing material. Last night's sleep was a replay of the Big Bang in my office. My current employer, in part enabled by the absence of the calming influence of his wife, decided to tell me what he really thinks of my imminent departure....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 17

I will have to say that as I get further and further into this writing challenge, it is becoming harder to find things to write about. Part of the issue is that I want to use this time in the morning as a bit of a brain dump but I also want to further develop my skills, ideas and voice....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 13

Control - we all want it. It gives us order and allows us to give reason to things rather than think everything is beyond our influence. Control comes in a manner of forms - from selecting the colors for environment we want to live in to saying no when someone asks us to do something that we don't want. Control is comforting....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 11

I was looking for a bit of inspiration for today's blog so I pulled out my workbook to look for a writing prompt. And the prompt said something or other about reliving an experience that made you feel good about yourself. The experience that immediately came to mind, both because it is so recent but also because it was so unexpected, had to do with my mother....more

365 Reflections - Reflection 8

The space within. That place where, moments before my alarm goes off that I have my feet firmly in both the conscious and the unconscious. Where my mind starts working on my blog post even though I try not to....more

Why I Practice Yoga

I practice yoga so that for 75 minutes I don’t think:Was it something I said or didn’t say, wrote or didn’t write, mumbled, uttered, whispered, thought or didn’t think?Was it the way I sat, walked, slouched, wore my hair, smelled, or didn’t smell?Was it what I wore? Were the jeans too casual or the jacket too bright?Was my laugh too loud / little/ often?Was I too confident, not confident enough, too smart or overbearing?...more

It's Quite Elusive

It’s something I don’t know that I’ve ever possessed. Every now and then however, the Universe will tease me with a glimpse of the possibilities in my life if I exercised this on a regular basis.  Many people seem to have this quality and never contemplate how they got it or why they have it.  For them, it just is.  Not me.  And I don’t know that I understand why. Perhaps because it was not a word that was used much around me when I was a child....more

Dear Future Homeowner

I sit here with the sudden realization that this dwelling I have been so absolutely fond of for the last 14 years will belong to someone else soon. It is likely that you will still be able to smell fresh paint from the bathroom my realtor insisted I repaint. Please know that I have done the best I can to restore this house to the pristine newness it had when we moved in, but we both know that’s not likely to happen....more

Reflections on 11 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Before the Year Ends

Mi, you would love this article at Oprah’s called 11 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Before the Year Ends.Corinne pointed me to the link and I was charmed by what I read. While I am not one to pick up a pen and take action on posts like these even if I intend to, in my head, this time I thought, why not? And took a pen and took action....more