Education Reform Moves Ahead in Tennessee

While Wisconsin remains the face of the war over teacher's unions, a number of other states are moving to reign in out-of-control unions or reform education policies. Tennessee is among them. Not only is collective bargaining in question, but Governor Bill Haslam has a proposal to make it tougher for teacher's to get tenure....more

Motherly Advice {Racing and Waiting: Education Reform Movies}

Community Announcement...more

Pelosi Gets Personal On 'Obamacare' And This Uninsured American Is Glad!

I’m so glad being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition! ...more

Let's Pretend: A Civil Health Care Discussion

I should probably accept that corporate and deeply entrenched political interests would not allow a comprehensive health care system to gain traction in the United States. Yet I can’t let go. One of the things that hurt me deeply is the lack of civil public discourse. It could have been different. Come with me to the set of the imaginary Vixen News Network as Becky Glenne shows us how it could have been possible for pundits to peacefully share differing opinions on health care reform. ...more

I kid, I kid -- I think. Yeah, it is a joke. But what has transpired these past few months ...more

Our Health Care Future in a New Light

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Health Care Reform Crib Sheet For Busy People Part 2

I  got a letter from my insurance company telling me that they will decide if a medication is valid, not my doctor. The insurance company will decide on the dosage, the length of time I can and can't have the medication and whether I take a prerequisite medication before I can be receive that my doctor wants me to have. This gives me an excellent opportunity to review of my last post. ...more

Health Care Reform Passes a Legislative Hurdle: Will it Hurt or Help Small Business?

Congress is working on health care and today the first reform measure was approved as the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee approved its bill on a 13-10 party-line vote. ...more

Small Business Owners Can Make their Own Spark & Create a Bang for the 4th of July

The call is going out around our small business for a portable grill this week, as employees are planning a cook-out.  Our pre-Independence Day cook-out will be a small affair, an opportunity to say good-bye to a colleague and get together in a casual setting.  ...more

What Should the Stimulus Look Like?

As Washington's power women (from Olympia Snowe to Claire McCaskill to Maxine Waters) work to sort out the Obama Administration's stimulus package, WVFC continues its Mistresses of the Universe conversation (click here for parts one and two)with a dialogue about women and our financial future. ...more