My Catholic Uniform

We'd often run errands on the way home from school when I was a little girl.  That meant we'd be spending the afternoon in red plaid jumpers.  And if we got into mischief while our mother was shopping, she'd pull us aside and sternly remind us that we were wearing our uniforms and had to behave.  She'd tell us that everyone who saw us could see that we were Catholic and that we were representatives of our school and our faith.  That people would form opinions about all Catholic children based on our behavior....more

From Where I Stand: Sonja Dimitrijoska

Cross-posted fromUN Women Photo: UN Women/Mirjana Nedeva ...more

37 Years an Immigrant

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of my immigration to America from the former Soviet Union and I forgot all about it. The date isn’t circled or marked on my calendar. Maybe my parents independently raised a shot glass toasting the memory, but I’ve gone years without noting the day. ...more

Our Rising Strong Journey

This past fall, Liberti had launched a KickStarter campaign for our initial crowdfunding efforts, and for a lack of better words to describe the outcome, the campaign failed. About that time, a good friend shared Brene Brown’s latest book, Rising Strong, where the author encouraged me to dust myself off after a fall and begin the brave journey of getting back up again. Brown further inspired me to realize the raw essence of what “vulnerability” really means and why it’s so valuable for success in life and business....more

Fleeing for Life

Recently I started meditating. I use ‘Stop, Breathe and Think’ because it has short 3 to 9 minute guided meditation that I’d thought would be easy for me to start with. I think I’m getting used to it. But on the other hand, because I’m getting use to the meditation, my mind is starting to conjure up the next thing that would be said on the recording (not good, I need to silence my thoughts and just follow). ...more

When the news gives you nightmares

I grew up needing to know.On vacation, my father bought two copies of The New York Times so nobody would have to wait. My mother took the paper to bed, saying she couldn't read a book until she had read all the news. We discussed politics and current events. It is not a coincidence that I found my way to a job as a newspaper reporter. But now I wonder if my need to know every tidbit of the presidential election and every update on the horrible news of the world is bad for my mental health. I know for sure it is cutting into the time I would like to be reading books. ...more

The Latest War on Love

We are a country divided yet again, a condition to which we have become accustomed. Rich vs. poor, anti-abortion vs. pro-reproductive choice, liberals vs. conservatives the list is alarmingly long. This newest rupture, however, is of the most fundamental kind, a war of the most basic human emotions. It is Love vs. Fear and Love vs. Hatred, with an ultimate result of Humanity vs. Humanity....more

Just A Boy

Just a boy of eleven or maybe twelveliving in a world gone madcozy evenings spent in a happy homereplaced with cold nights shivering in a damp cavehis nervous mother said it would keep them safefrom the bombs that fell from the skies ...more
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Hope runs deep, rebuilding confidence among Syrian women refugees

UN Women’s Executive Director visited UN Women’s Oasis, a safe space for women to seek support and skills training in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp. ...more

'Little Bee': A poignant tale with a very dark 'sting'.

I purchased 'Little Bee' from a Balinese book store while on holidays, imagining,  for some reason, that it would be a relaxing diversion for one of my eyes, while the other one watched my children splashing in the pool....Now, there is unquestionably more than one way to be 'wrong' in this world, for example you could be;Wrong in a way that causes nasty and unwanted consequences to wreak havoc on your life, orWrong in that your expectations were 'wrong' and you have ended up with a different kind of benefit, unexpected, but not entirely unwelcome.When it came to my choice of book, I was wrong, very wrong; happily though, though my mistake fell into the second category of error....more