Can you get a refund on airfare if the price drops?

If the price falls on your airfare and you’ve already bought your ticket, does it make a sound? (Cha-ching?)I had heard that if you booked a ticket and then the price went down, there was some way to get a refund for the difference. I wondered if it was a real thing or an urban legend. After looking into it, I found these refunds do exist, but only under very specific circumstances. Here’s how to increase your chances of spotting airfare price drop refunds in the wild....more

Extreme Couponing Leads to Extreme Rebating

Before this experiment in extreme couponing, I'd always used some coupons but had never really taken advantage of mail-in-rebate offers. I guess I've sent in less than 10 grocery rebates over the last 30 years. I never seemed to have the UPC or the bottle cap or the label - or if I had those, I don't have the receipt....more
Nice article on coupon codes. Thank you for sharing this information. I like to shopping through ...more