Motherly Law Announcement: Giveaways Coming Soon!

I wasn't going to do giveaways. But I have changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that when I'm the owner and author of this here blog. Recently I had a chat with a friend and fellow blogger. She persuaded me to give it a try. So, I am....more

Register Today!

Welcome Ladies- The North Carolina Conference for Women needs you! The conference is an annual event for women from all across the state of North Carolina to come together and enjoy an exciting day filled with inspiration and timely issues that are of imporantance to women. The conference will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center on January 28, 2009.   Registration is now open! Check out for further details!   ...more

Cynthia McKinney: A Lesser-known Presidential Candidate

I swore I wasn't going to post political arguments, but I seem to have failed numerous times.  So I'm just going to stop apologizing.  McCain's okay, but Sarah Palin scares the shit out of me.  I see her face and my ovaries start to tremble in fear. ...more

Wait a minute, I thought Pres. Bush was the Devil?

Why can't Liberals have a political ...more