Making Your Dreams Come True: Can’t do it? Sure you can.

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50 and Going Back To School

I'd always dreamed of moving to NY for the summer and taking a month-long course at Parson's. So while in NY on business this past November, I thought I'd swing by this famed university and check to see if they had printed their new summer catalog. I walked in the front door and to my left was a nice young girl, sitting at the desk. She was apparently one of the students, working to put herself through college. ...more
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An Accidental Epiphany Well, here I was, all set for my major relaunch and recommitment to blogging regularly, and I spent last week doing absolutely none! Sorry, supermoms! What I was doing was working my 1/2-marathon training schedule, keeping up with work (my real job not Project Supermom stuff), taking care of the baby and the rest of the family, and tinkering with a couple of overdue house projects....more