Listen to Your Gut - A Reinvention Story

My gut is all I have. This doesn’t discount my family, friends or my faith, because my gut instinct is tied inextricably to all of the above. It’s the second voice that whispers a welcome or a warning in the interest of keeping family, friends and faith intact.Teaching my daughter to trust her own gut is critical. I won’t always be here to give her the answers she needs. It’s gut-wrenching because I want to give her the right answers, but I know if I do that, she’ll never learn to trust her gut, or make decisions that grow into convictions....more

Should I stay or should I go

Reinventing Yourself… sigh…. again ...more

Reinventing yourself...sigh...again

Deciding when to move on is always a tough decision, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or a volunteer position.  Believe me, I know the feeling.  I loved my career for fifteen years. But I ignored the internal clues I was getting – boredom, frustration and the feeling of being burned out – and I stayed on for five  more.   Those last five years I would wake up in the morning, thinking before opening my eyes, “Is this a week day?” And the sinking feeling of dread when I realized it was.Should I stay or should I go?...more


Reinvention.Pretty powerful word, if you'd ask me any given day at my whopping 48.I've been up and down and all away around in my life. That's why I named my blog,  Believing, the Ups and Downs of Life.All of us strive or want to strive on becoming better people.  More accomplished, successful, some might want to be rich, others may want recognition, or just want to do something different with their lives....more