How To Reinvent Yourself

This isn't a 'how-to' post.I'm asking.How do you reinvent yourself?...more
That is so exciting! I love your attitude, and I pray that mine is the same when I am 70! If we ...more

What's Your Average Perfect Day?

A Hindrance to Success

Mission Intuition: Find Your Principle-Centered Life

Did you think I'd forgotten about Stephen Covey and his Habit #2, Begin With the End in Mind?  Did you think I was skirting the mission statement exercise? Avoiding it? Hoping it would blow over? I had not. I was not. Okay, I admit it. I was having a problem with the Mission Statement. It really felt too enormous to tackle, especially during the holiday season, in any logical way. ...more
I admire you, your list, and making community happen bit by bit. I do believe in letting ideas ...more

If You're Missing This, You'll Never Feel Successful

What is it? ...more

Gaining the Skills for a New Career

[Editor's Note -- This week in the Reinvent Yourself series, we examine the role training plays in switching careers. Think a new job means heading back to the classroom? Maybe - and maybe not. -- Michelle V. Rafter]So, you've identified what you might like to do for your next what?...more
Sometimes you can gain the skills you need to take on the next career move in your current ...more

Keep Swimming--Key to Success

Yahoo Reinvent Yourself

I am currently in New York City at an outstanding Blogging Conference called Blogher....more