Why I Defend The Person Who Rejected Me

People make mistakes. Sometimes, they react poorly when they’re exposed to something shocking. Last week, I shared a very personal story about rejection (which you should absolutely read before this if you haven’t yet). Even though it's been over a year since it happened, and I’ve changed in countless ways, I found myself in tears while writing the end of the piece. I couldn’t stop thinking about why that was the case....more

I Took My Clothes Off And She Rejected Me

“…I think you should go.” Content notice: alcohol use.Can you tell already that this isn’t going to be a fun story?Those five words have never been said in that exact order unless what happened directly before or after was a total bummer. It’s never like:“Hey honey, the guys want me to skip work tomorrow to chug a lot of beers and go to Six Flags. What do you think?”“…I think you should go.”No, unfortunately this is a story about rejection....more

10 Survival Tips for Managing the Pain of Rejection

You are smart, pretty and completely datable, but guys don’t seem to want to stick around. You get a new haircut, lose weight, say all the right things to please them, bring little surprises and gifts, act the temptress, try being the girl next door. Nothing seems to work. Maybe you start lowering your standards, calling too often, ever-so-slightly chasing. Maybe you ignore the fact that he isn’t responding and make excuses for his non-attention....more
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Perception - What Do you Believe About Yourself?

Over the years, I have often wondered why and what drives that way I act. As I continually thought about this, I came to a powerful realization that a lot of the sadness and drama we all face in life is rooted in our perceptions. This may seem obvious to others, but for me, it was a breakthrough and I owe it all to one of my favourite authors is Stephen R. Covey of '7 Habits of Highly Effective people'....more

8 Things to Do With Your Submission If It Gets Rejected

Anyone who has been submitting writing for any length of time has most likely gotten a rejection (or just never heard back) from a site they submitted to. I've had plenty! Don't get frustrated; the universe is just telling you it belongs somewhere else (or so I tell myself). Be sure to keep track of where you have submitted things to help you manage what to do with it if you get a rejection or no response. Here are some options for your rejected posts that may end up being even better than your original submission intent! ...more
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Dealing with Rejection

   The year was 2004.  Ten years ago.  I was walking around a mall in Long Island while chatting on my cell phone with my brother (yes, young people, there were cell phones back then) when I got… distracted....more

A Monkey Could Figure Out What Publishers Want

It is bedtime, and I am reading a book with my five-year-old son called Monkey Makes Pancakes.* And it…well…sucks....more

Dating A Girl "Like Me"

Through a series of inferences and coincidences, my family found out I was dating somebody last year (the kid suspected and let it slip to his uncle, who proceeded to tell everyone else).  The break-up happened when the kid was away, so he had no idea that this not-yet-discussed-or-confirmed situation was no longer.  So, what I was met with the day I came to retrieve my precocious child was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts from my family, wanting to know about this “guy who would date (me)”....more
You definitely have a lot beauty--inside and out and your writing totally rocks. I love your ...more

One Morning I Woke Up Invisible

 One Morning I Woke Up Invisible “Old age ain’t for sissies”Bette Davis When I first read Bette Davis’ immortal quote, I burst out laughing. “What a great line!” I thought. “I wish I had written it.” ...more
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