Rejection is the Best Motivator!

Dear Editor,I received your recent rejection notice and unfortunately it’s just not what I’m looking for at this time. It’s certainly a well-crafted piece and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, rejecting other aspiring writers. You may try me again in the future with something more upbeat.Sincerely,Stephanie D. Lewis...more

Rejection Collection, What's Your Objection?

I visualize a world in the future where our technological existence is collected in museums with anthropologists and archeologists debating over the purpose of sushi shaped USB drives. I see them stroking their beards as they watch YouTube deciding that, based on the number of videos we posted and watched, our society must have been ruled by cats. ...more
 @loveandotherdelights Exactly! I've read some of those books and have wondered, "What the hell ...more

Putting the Stat Monster to Bed and Writing for Writing's Sake

Have you ever felt like there is a shift happening in your life? One that doesn't seem to be happening for any rhyme or reason, but the air feels different, you close your eyes, and it feels as though the world is stopping, waiting for you to make your next move. Problem is, I feel like I am waiting for the next move to find it's way to me; I'm doing everything right... I think. This past week, I received my first, real rejection letter. ...more
Wonderful article.  I doubt there is a blogger or writer out there that doesn't get caught up in ...more

Dear Applicant, You bite the big one.

Diannebug  I got a rejection letter today.The letter was for a job I applied for in late November. I also got one yesterday for one that I applied for in early November.I'm not that upset, because I figured out a while ago, that they would have called me in December if I they wanted me for either of the jobs.In a way, I'm actually relieved to get a letter. I'm at the point in my job hunt, that just hearing back is a blessing. It is one less thing to worry about....more

Rejection Is Normal. Really.

We've all heard stories of the dreaded rejection letter, or rather, letters. I once read that by the time a writer publishes a book they should expect to have enough rejection offers to wallpaper a bathroom. Stephen King displayed his many rejection letters on a spike on his wall. Rejection is part of the publishing process. That doesn't mean it's warm and fluffy. Rejection sucks. Luckily there are many authors out there who can serve as role models on the rejection front. ...more

Now I'm confused, because I just type the response in the response box that I see. I didn't ...more

Another Opening- Another No

I opened an email response today regarding a fiction submission I sent in May to an online magazine. No. ...more

I am a two-month veteran. Yeah me! It's been a wonderful experience so far. Forget six ...more