The best age to start dating

The other night at dinner my son asked me to tell him a story. So I told him about how one day he would be a teenager and how he would be moody all the time, and hair would sprout on his face and that he would want to have a girlfriend. He treated the tale like it was a horror story, because in his words "girls are DISGUSTING!"...more

4 Ways To Communicate Better With Men

I often see female clients who are having problems in their marriage or with dating - they are baffled and frustrated by the behaviour of the man in their life and don’t understand why he’s not acting and responding as they would wish. I struggled with this for years before learning (after extensive research, trial and error!) to understand and handle my communication with men successfully.We’d all like to think that we’re great communicators, but here are some very common interactive habits that are sabotaging our efforts to connect with the man in our lives:...more



Going from DINKs to parents

Dual-Income, No Kids. ...more

Living Together Before Saying I Do

Back in the day, people didn't move in together before they were married.  When they started doing it, it was frowned upon.  Nowadays, it's rare for a couple not to live together before marriage....more

Can your marriage stand on one leg?

I am a flamingo. I am standing perfectly still in flamingo pose with one foot firmly rooted to the ground and the other balanced away from my body. I breathe in. I breathe out. I am calm and pleased by my ability to stay so centered. ...more

My Husband and I Got Married With Only 3 Things in Common

I remember friends staring at me in awe when I told them I was getting married at 21 to a guy none of them had even had the time to meet yet. Most of them didn't even know I had a boyfriend. And then the sigh, or scoff. They didn't think they'd ever find someone they'd want to tie that tight of a knot with. How could I have found my special someone so fast? A best friend whom I loved more than anyone else and with whom I was positive I wanted to spend the rest of my existence....more
Those 3 things in common clearly outweighed all the other possible commonalities combined.more


HAVE YOU RENEWED YOUR COMMITMENT TODAY?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

To Have and to Hold, Your Wife's Hand

 A while ago I was eavesdrop...more