The Scientific Secrets Behind A Happy Relationship (INFOGRAPHIC)

Being in a romantic relationship is definitely hard work and can require lots of compromises. Although it's not an easy thing to do, you can succeed at being happy with your partner. Some studies, based on scientific facts, can actually help you improve your relationship and be happier with the one you love....more

That Letter to Him, to Save or End the Marriage.

I’m scared, what's going to happen to us. We don’t get along, we don’t agree. We cant seem to communicate with each other. Its gotten to the point where I cant believe you love me or want me. I am scared that we will lose it all. I had this life, imagined in my head, with you, holding me, loving me, being there for me by my side for the rest of our lives, until we got old. Its been two years. There has been so much betrayal, so much hurt, so many crazy fights. I’m exhausted, I'm broken, I'm hurt. I’m sure you’re the same way....more

Narcissist vs Sociopath Personalities

Recently, I was reading the newspaper and came across Annie's Mailbox.  A reader had questioned about a family member possibly being a Sociopath.  I found the article fascinating, since I was under the belief that my recent ex is a Narcissist.  I decided to do some research to determine which he may be.  ...more

How Solving a Marriage Conflict Helped Me Solve a God Conflict

 Throughout our 18+ years of marriage, Edd and I have developed some quirky patterns....more

Why It's Important to be Friends with Your partner...

 “You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most....more

KEEP IT FUN......The Best Relationships Have Fun Attached to Them.....

I simply think the cause of many relationships going "South" is because most are not having enough fun......Fun brings people together and so it would seem that fun would also keep people together.....And yet, what I see in many relationships is anything but fun.....Just why is that so?...more

5 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship OFF of Social Media

 We all know her. She’s always on Facebook updating her status about ever intimate detail of her life. The highs the lows, and without pause, she leaves no stone in her life unturned....more

5 Ways to Know if You're Over Your Ex

The deterioration of relationships are apart of the human experience.  Any relationship can go sour and it takes courage to move forward once it ends. Here are 5 ways you know that you have truly overcome the past and can take the next step to move forward:1) You Can Speak of the Relationship with No Strong Emotional Reaction: ...more

Relationship Advice: You Teach Him How to Treat You!

  As women, we have to acknowledge and embrace the power we have over ourselves and the people in our lives. In intimate relationships we lead with our emotions so much that it becomes hard to make decisions that is conducive to happiness....more