10 Survival Tips for Managing the Pain of Rejection

You are smart, pretty and completely datable, but guys don’t seem to want to stick around. You get a new haircut, lose weight, say all the right things to please them, bring little surprises and gifts, act the temptress, try being the girl next door. Nothing seems to work. Maybe you start lowering your standards, calling too often, ever-so-slightly chasing. Maybe you ignore the fact that he isn’t responding and make excuses for his non-attention....more
Very timely. Thank you for sharing :)more

The Smartest Way To Take Revenge On Your Dumb Ex

Step 1: CryCry like you were just pushed out of the tightest vagina on earth, like you just banged your little toe on every piece of furniture at IKEA, like you just accidentally peeled that skin next to your pinky finger’s nail. Just let it all out.Call your bestfriend and dump everything on them for 4 hours, then come to their house anyway. Eat ice cream and stream shitty rom-coms on netflix while crying and fighting all the urges to contact your dumb ex....more

4 Things that’ll Tell If You're Genuinely in Love or Not

In 2012, Google revealed that ‘what is love’ was the most searched phrase by web users. I was stunned when I came across this revelation.Is it not amazing how people fall in love every day, yet millions of people are still searching for the meaning of love?In trying to figure this out, I’m left with just two possibilities....more

Renting some motherly advice

When I was in high school, I returned home one day to find my Mother with a baby. My Mom loves children and it was quite possible that she had finally stolen someone's baby since I was almost out of the house and she needed someone new to need her. In reality, it didn't really surprise me to learn she was babysitting for one of her coworkers. At the time, it was a little strange to see my Mom with a baby - the way she nuzzled and smiled and cared for the baby was really sweet and very surreal for me....more

Do You Ask Your Spouse’s Permission…

I agree with your calling it being considerate, and with your husband's definition. That's what ...more

Living On a Prayer

Proverbs 8:17 (NIV)I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. ...more

5 Ways to Balance Marriage and Being a Work-At-Home-Mom

I don't think I'll ever forget the look on my husbands face when he came home from work shortly after I decided it was time for me to start working again. My youngest was only a few months old at the time and I was ready to get back into my work at home mom routine. I knew what it looked like for me but my husband hadn't experienced it full force. He saw the part time, "I'm slowing down because I'm pregnant" work at home mom routine. So when he came home to see me running around the house, making dinner, taking photos and responding to emails, he expression was priceless. ...more
I'm not married and have no children, ideal for starting a business (garden writing & speaking). ...more

The best age to start dating

The other night at dinner my son asked me to tell him a story. So I told him about how one day he would be a teenager and how he would be moody all the time, and hair would sprout on his face and that he would want to have a girlfriend. He treated the tale like it was a horror story, because in his words "girls are DISGUSTING!"...more

4 Ways To Communicate Better With Men

I often see female clients who are having problems in their marriage or with dating - they are baffled and frustrated by the behaviour of the man in their life and don’t understand why he’s not acting and responding as they would wish. I struggled with this for years before learning (after extensive research, trial and error!) to understand and handle my communication with men successfully.We’d all like to think that we’re great communicators, but here are some very common interactive habits that are sabotaging our efforts to connect with the man in our lives:...more