Tips For An Unhealthy Relationship

Fаlling in lоvе feels likе ѕоаring with еаglеѕ, but an unhеаlthу rеlаtiоnѕhiр bringѕ уоu crashing to thе ground. Wе hаvе all been thеrе a timе оr twо. In thе beginning, you аdоrе еасh оthеr ѕо muсh thаt the entire world glоwѕ аnd glimmers. Hоwеvеr, thiѕ реrfесtiоn soon givеѕ wау to ups аnd dоwnѕ in a wholesome rеlаtiоnѕhiр. ...more

What to Do About Relationship Issues Before It's Too Late

 Should you be thinking about how to restore your relationship, first you must know precisely what the issue is. If you're settling in your relationship, you will not ever understand what you may actually have. If your relationship suffers one of the next marriage problems it's advisable to find expert help instead of attempting to go it alone. If it is not completely compromised, this is where you need to get help! The trick to keeping up a happy, wholesome relationship isn't harping on those shortcomings....more

Thoughtful First Date Gifts for Her

First dates are usually full of excitement and thrills. Excitement of finally having the time to know the person you think would be someone interesting, and the thrill of what the date would turn out. It may turn out successful, which means you will both end up interested to meet up again for another date, or it may be just something for the first date only. Both you or your partner may be nervous about the date and one way to break the ice and alleviate the tension is to being a gift....more

Why Love Is A Great Source Of Inspiration

As the fire that ignites our creativity, inspiration is vital for a fulfilling life because it energizes us, brings us a new wave of ideas and it makes us see old things in new ways. That said, it is not easy to provoke inspiration, mostly because we don’t fully know how it works. However, it is proven that strong emotions can generate a powerful stream of inspiration....more

7 ways to love a woman


The types of friends we keep

Every night at dinner, I ask my son about his favorite part of the day. Sometimes he will tell me about a class; usually he will tell me about lunch or recess. When I ask him who he played with, I've noticed that the names of who he counts as his "best friend" varies from week to week....more


It seems loneliness follows me everywhere.  It’s an extra layer of skin or pieces of my cells or part of the oxygen I inhale....more

Online Dating First Date Rules

First dates are intimidating. You don’t know each other and you are trying to find out if the other person will like you. You are also trying to determine if the other person is the right fit for you. There are some men and women that flake out from going on first dates as they are scared of what will come out of it. To help you out, here are rules that will help you have an enjoyable date:...more

6 Practical Dating Suggestions for Women

Dating is a very important part of women life and it is one of the most important occasions of the life of women. Dating for the first time is really very confusing and adventurous process. Going on a date with would be partner and future hubby of yours is really very romantic. It is the very dream of every girl to have a wonderful date with the loved one in a very romantic way and usually to end the date with very sensual feelings. ...more

How Having Sexual Fantasies Can Help to Improve Your Relationship

Fantasies are a great way to directly improve your sex life and experiences. It can be used as a tool to improve problems your body is experiencing with regards to sex. The mind is the tool and a powerful one at that. Fantasies are erotic images coming from the mind....more