10 questions to ask yourself about your partner

 You are a part of a couple…but you hesitate…you don’t know if you are having a good relationship or something is going wrong. In this case you should ask yourself some things to make clean if everything is fine… Maybe you’re wondering if it’s time to cut and run, or maybe you’re thinking it’s time to take things to the next level. These questions can help you figure out where you stand....more

Relationship Destroying Behavior: 6 Tips for Defending Against Defensiveness

There are four behaviors so deadly to a relationship, be it a romantic, familial, or business, that they have been called ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ by relationship expert, John Gottman, Ph.D. This is the third in a series of articles devoted to understanding the impact of each of these behaviors. I’ve included tips, tools and strategies to help you reduce the impact of the behaviors, which are:...more

I can't get over my ex...

Some relationships never end…there are people how break up with their partner but they can never turn on page and move on to their life…eventhough have been hurt from a previous partner still have feelings and can’t stop be in love with him/her…...more
wonderwoman85 hello...i know... you feel bad but you must think about  the possibility to stay ...more


A couple of years ago I set out to make Independence much more personal for me. I never intended for it to be that way but it’s just how it happened....more

5 resolutions for the New Year

5 resolutions for the New Year ...more

Why you need to change your tone

Jerry Seinfeld has a very funny bit about the many tones of marriage. Basically, it boils down to where he is not supposed to use his normal speaking tone when communicating with his wife, as she considers it too harsh....more
When I'm pointing out what my husband forgot to do. If I'm tired I might have a pretty harsh ...more

Believe me Women Who Don’t Wear Make up All the Time Are Amazing Partners

It is said that makeup enhances a woman’s natural appearance and gives her confidence. The world of women’s makeup is a foreign land for most men. It is a mysterious ground of powders, potions, brushes and tinctures of which they have no understanding of. Wearing makeup is more than a physical experience for most women. It makes them attractive, self-assured and they like the way they look with it....more

Dads do make a difference.

It is rightly said that a child needs a mother the most, but it also needs a father.Have you ever imagined your life without your father in it? Ever thought how life would be like if it didn't have that one person who was a reason you came into this world.I have not just only thought about these questions but have also experienced them and to be quite honest, it is definitely not a favorable deal. ...more

This Heart Break Is Too Much

 A lot of the times when I am in a heart break crisis I always find a way to blame myself!! but this time I wont dare give myself that credit. its all on him, I don't think I look forward to being in love anymore. it's never what you see on TV or what the old folks tell you it will be like. I begin to question myself as if I were doing something right, but that's the problem these men lately are not attracted to the women who do it right....more

10 Survival Tips for Managing the Pain of Rejection

You are smart, pretty and completely datable, but guys don’t seem to want to stick around. You get a new haircut, lose weight, say all the right things to please them, bring little surprises and gifts, act the temptress, try being the girl next door. Nothing seems to work. Maybe you start lowering your standards, calling too often, ever-so-slightly chasing. Maybe you ignore the fact that he isn’t responding and make excuses for his non-attention....more
Very timely. Thank you for sharing :)more