5 inexpensive ways to enjoy with your family this winter

Fall is almost over, and winter is coming. We are going to be inside our homes more. Snowfall, hailstorms and weather alerts should be taken positively, like the late poet Shelly said, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” To make use of this season and spend time with your family members without fail, here are five inexpensive ways of doing so....more

Staying Together Without Childless Nights

I don't know about you, but I'm always seeing blog posts, articles, and pins about the importance of date nights, how to have them, ideas on the cheap, and ideas for nights at home. For me, it can be annoying to see all these articles because quite frankly Hun and I don't have childless date nights....more

To Fall in Love is Easy

Girls, guys are insensitive, ignorant and self-centered. They are going to gaze at other girls, even when they are in a serious relationship with you. They are going to be late for a family reunion that took you three months to plan. They will bring the hell out of you. And, that’s what makes them men. If your guy doesn’t fall under any of these – Run! Just run, without looking back! You`re dating a Vampire....more

Relationship is not a Secret

The beauty of the couple. Rare, dignified, classy. Bringing that air of well-being to all they encounter. I think that they must enjoy the experience of strolling through a park or attending a book reading at the local library. ...more

Relationship Destroying Behaviors: Stonewalling (5 Tips for Breaking Through)

There are four behaviors so deadly to a relationship, whether romantic, family and friends, or business, that they have been called ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ by relationship expert, John Gottman, Ph.D.. He names them:...more

How to Talk to Your Partner About Trying an Open Relationship

Gracie XYou’re ready to make a change in your relationship. You love your spouse, but you’re also in love with someone else. Or your spouse is your best friend but has never been your match sexually. Maybe an illness precludes your spouse from ever having sex again. Or you married your spouse suspecting you might have a different sexual orientation. Or you’d simply like to try sex with the same gender or multiple partners. You dream of adventures that will make you feel alive again in parts of your body and soul that will die off if you don’t act soon....more

Can You Fall For Someone Without a Single Kiss? aka He Was My Edith Wharton

So. I met E. after a completely single summer, being both Ingmar Bergman interior shot and Danny 3.0 forward....more

Part 3: The Furnace