Find Your Courage for First Dates and Big Dreams

Over dumplings and noodles, I found myself deep in conversation with aerospace engineer-turned writer–turned startup founder, Jingjing Tian in Hell’s Kitchen. Jingjing is an endearing, incredibly warm woman, with a natural beauty and an enthusiasm to her movements. She is currently, individually taking on a major field of the entrepreneurial world: apps, most specifically the business of dating....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Should she tell the man she's in love with him?

Dear Dr. Romance:...more
How are two friends in love with the same guy? Are they both dating him?more

Dr. Romance on Grief: From Surviving to Thriving

Dr. Romance has had many clients who are grieving, and wrote this to help. None of us wants to think about it, but the standard definition of a totally successful relationship is the old, traditional "til death do us part." Any time we love, whether it’s a life partner, a dear friend, a child, a sibling, a parent or even a beloved pet, we are risking the loss of that love....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Which one should he choose?

Dear Dr. Romance :A man loves woman #1 but he was unhappy with the relationship for some reason. He was stressed financially. He was supporting his family. He has 2 children with woman #1 all he wants is the best for them and them to be happy and have a family. He has been going out, hanging out with friends; and says he's doing this to relieve his stress at home....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Can you refer me?

I read your book How To Be a Couple and Still Be Free  ...more

Dr. Romance on The Meaning of Life

Dr. Romance writes:A seeker goes to Nepal and climbs into the Himalayas to find a teacher, a guru he’s heard about. After months of searching and struggle, he finds the famous man, and asks his burning question: "What is the meaning of life?""The meaning of life is a bridge," replies the wise man.The seeker is incensed. "Wait a minute, what kind of dumb answer is that? I struggled and fought to get here, and that’s all you have to say? A bridge? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard!"...more

Do You Understand Emotional Intelligence?

Ever since Daniel Goleman wrote Emotional Intelligence, we have heard that phrase a lot, but perhaps you never heard it explained. Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill, because it means you know how to work with all kinds of people, understand them and get along with them....more