Dear Dr. Romance: Can short guys date?

Dear Dr. Romance :...more

4 Tips to Avoid Falling in Love With a Jerk

As I was swimming last week, a young couple came into the pool. Instead of doing laps or walking, like most of the gym members, they were just enjoying themselves. He started splashing her, and she said “Joey, stop it!” but she said it in a placating, whiney voice. He just kept splashing her. I bit my tongue, because what I wanted to do was tell her she was teaching him to ignore her and push past her boundaries....more
It's my huge problem....I always fall in love with jerks!( Even via internet on hinge ...more

The Meaning of Life

A seeker goes to Nepal and climbs into the Himalayas to find a teacher, a guru he’s heard about. After months of searching and struggle, he finds the famous man, and asks his burning question: “What is the meaning of life?” “The meaning of life is a bridge,” replies the wise man. The seeker is incensed. “Wait a minute, what kind of dumb answer is that? I struggled and fought to get here, and that’s all you have to say? A bridge? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard!” The guru blinked, looked at him and said, “You’s not a bridge?” ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I want to get married

Dear Dr. Romance : I already know my heart's desire; it reminds me daily. I want to get married. I want a mate. I want children. My problem is, this is not happening now. I have been single for a very, very long time. I don't need to get to "know myself" because I've been alone, what seems like forever, knowing myself. I am self-assured in the person that I am. I am fully acquainted with who I am: A woman in my late thirties who wants a partner to share my life with....more

Getting Along With Each Other

In 1998, Richard and I had a marvelous opportunity to sail around the world as the ballroom dance teachers on a cruise ship. Many of the places we saw then, such as Oman, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco, Indonesia and Israel are in turmoil now, and not as safe for tourists.  Last year, when Palestinian soldiers took refuge in the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem and were under siege, I marveled that I had stood where they were, and I could picture the place as the news reports came in....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Does Friends with Benefits Work?

Dear Dr. Romance:I was browsing the net and came across one of your articles "No Strings Attached Sex" which I  found very interesting as it relates to a situation I am facing currently.   ...more

What it takes to really apologize

I don’t know anyone who likes to admit when they have been wrong.  However, to error is human.  So, what should you do to make things right, beyond saying I am sorry? Here are the 10 key steps to an honest to goodness apology.1.  Acknowledge what you have done.Please note this is not intended to rehash the past.  What you are doing here is recognizing the hurt, disappointment, pain your actions or in action has caused the other person....more