Dear Dr. Romance: His Clutter Drives Me Crazy!

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Solving Problems Takes Equals

There is a pervasive myth that somehow happy couples just agree on everything automatically all the time. Believing this myth, we enter relationships convinced that whatever problems or differences we have with our partners will be easy to solve. But, in reality, the individuals who make up a partnership will disagree frequently, and often struggle over even minor issues. ...more

Dr. Romance on Staying Young

Dr. Romance is aware that there is a heavy emphasis on youth in today's culture.  Companies and individuals want to sell you potions, clothing, makeup, diets, exercise and attitudes and other magic to help you stay young.  But, scientific research shows that these things rarely make a significant difference....more

Practicing Patience

Happy New Year! This is the traditional time for making resolutions, which we all know are simple to make, but much more difficult to keep. Resolutions imply change, and making changes requires patience. It’s such a valuable component of character that St. Paul considered it evidence that a person was living in faith: “...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control,” he wrote to the Galatians. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: Won't solving the problem for myself create resentment?

Dear Dr. Romance:I recently read your No Cooperation? Solve it Yourself! If I am to solve the problem for myself won't that just create resentment that the other party is unwilling to help?Dear Reader:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I think she is really scared to go to therapy

Dear Dr. Romance:To be honest I think she is really scared to go to therapyI have been many timesAnd I know it worksAnd I really want her and I to learn how to communicatestumpedDear Reader:...more

Happy New Year from Dr. Romance!

 Dr. Romance on creating a Happy New YearMost of us are infused with good will and joy over the holidays, getting together with loved ones and friends, spreaking kindness, and being surrounded by reminders of holiday spirit.  The holidays happen around this time of year for a reason: it's the time when the old year ends, and the new one begins. We have yet another chance to start again.  Here are some ways to keep that happiness going....more

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Happy New Year! May you be filled with renewed energy for life, and the wisdom to put it to effective use. The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus—the god of beginnings and transitions. If you have seen depictions of him, you know he had two faces which looked both backward and forward. Thus, the transition month of the year bears his name. ...more

Dr. Romance on Anticipating the New Year

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