Do you struggle with God in prayer?

I was listening to a Christian radio program while driving home the other day, and started thinking about how I often struggle with God over things in prayer.  Sometimes that can be a good thing! ...more

Spring Cleaning

Is Your Man Cheating? 4 Warning Signs That May Point To Trouble!

You may have noticed some changes in your partner lately. Is itsomething you should be worried about or just ignore? Following are themost common warning signs that may indicate your relationship is headedfor trouble if you don't address the issues now.1. Your Partner Is Spending Less Time With You...more

I was one of those women as well. I had NO idea and all of the warning signs were right in ...more

Boyfriend Refuses To Give An Inch

Why is it when you know you’re right and your boyfriend’s wrong, he refuses to give an inch? Why won’t he listen to you when it’s obvious he messed up?   ...more

Confessions of a bi-species owner

Yes, I will admit that I am a bi-species lover.  I love BOTH cats and dogs and haven't  lived with out both in 20 years.  There are ongoing arguments about which is better, a cat or a dog.  I say,"Why choose?"  Curiously enough, owning a cat points out the good things about dogs and vice versa.  Over the last twenty years we have had large dogs, small dogs, tabby's, grays, siamese, long hair and medium haired cats.  In total, we have had nine cats and seven dogs.  All with different personalities and relationship issues....more

I have been a dog lover all my life, cats I'm allergic to but I have been surrounded by ...more

Face it Ladies, You Just Can't Change a Man

What I found in my kitchen this morning stopped me in my tracks. ...more

This is really interesting!


I choose to just do all this stuff myself ...more

Jungle Fever - Who's The Biggest Cheat-ah?!!

 Ladies, it was just this past weekend that I found myself in the middle of a heated debate with both men and women who shared different views about a topic that is very very argumentative...and that is...When it comes to relationships, who are the biggest cheaters?!...more

Nice Things Men Do

This Christmas my dad came up with the greatest present idea ever: Small Acts of Kindness.  Now, no, my dad did not INVENT the idea of Small Acts of Kindness, but because he is a lawyer with a strong attachment to structure, he created a system for executing the AOKs that is worthy of note: he and my mom alternate months throughout the year, and each month, one does two AOKs for the other. ...more

Be a Woman Who Knows That She is Enough

 Your fear of being rejected because you are imperfect is exactly what is getting you rejected....more


Why is it that your mate always seems deficient in your eyes? Why is it that when you look at your beloved, all you see are flaws?   ...more