Ego is the barrier between you moving forward in your life or staying stagnant. Ego ends relationships. Ego ends friendships. Ego stands in the way of you advancing at your job. Ego starts wars. Ego is destructive.When a person is unwilling to look within themselves to determine whether their ego is getting in the way in their decisions, they lose opportunities for advancement in life.Ego is the unwillingness to be completely open with yourself about who you really are.  Ego is just simply being prideful. Ego distracts us from fulfilling our true purpose....more

Forgiveness Changes Everything

Just the other day I discovered that a sweet bit of forgiveness had been extended to me. After some time of feeling heavy-hearted, I finally feel light again. The gift of that gesture changed my whole outlook. Who knows? Perhaps it seemed like a small act to the forgiver, but to me it was big. When we’ve been hurt, it takes a courageous heart to open a door again. I was touched and, knowing the forgiver, not that surprised. ...more

Wedding Anniversary Tips and Quotes

My husband and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week!  Although, we have two children together and we have been together for all these years, it still feels unreal at times that we have actually been married for almost a decade.  I know this is nothing compared to those couples who have grown old together and have been married for more than 20, 30, or 40 years.  We're still learning a lot about marriage everyday and we will probably still feel clueless when we reach our 25th anniversary.  We definitely have our ups and downs ...more

Mindful Monday - Don't Assume Ask Questions

Mindful MondayWhen we make assumptions we are placing ourselves in a position of authority concerning the needs of another person or a situation.Better to ask the question and be supportive.Click here to read more...more

A Thousand Deaths

I lay in the shower, drops patterning across my face as the sedatives start to work their magic. No matter the distance, you couldn't be further from me than you are now. I've gotten used to it for the most part, but that night, the wound was ripped open again. Just like that, I found myself unable to stem the flood of memories made in your name. Though thoroughly dysfunctional, it was the only non-abusive relationship I've ever had. With both of us having PTSD, we never really had a chance. I never had any illusions about that. I loved you with everything I had but love isn't enough....more

The 3 Words That Will Keep Your Relationship Strong

 Relationships are tricky....more
sum of my pieces Thanks so much! Yes, they are not easy words to sputter for sure!more

5 Ways To Beat The Break Up Blues

Geoffrey Chaucer once wrote that all good things must come to an end, and when it comes to romantic relationships this saying couldn’t be more true. ...more

Leave The Lamars Alone

Ladies, be honest.  Fairy tales messed you up, didn’t they?...more

Were you listening or did you just hear me? Misunderstandings in Communication

Have you ever asked someone if they were listening to you or did they just hear you?  I know I have both in business and relationships.  Most people do not know or understand the simple difference.  It's not completely their fault as we need to clarify what we are saying in order to clearly convey our message to the other person.  With technology at our fingertips we opt to using text messaging, e-mails, Social Media to do the communicating for us and the truth is we are worse at communication than we were 50 years ago....more

Boyfriend Cleanz. Detox. Reboot. Rejoice.

Julie Edelman aka The Accidental Housewife has been a SheKnows Expert for three years sharing tips and tricks to maintain our home, sanity and manicure.  Now Julie will be sharing entertaining posts, personal experiences, and advice to help us ‘clean up another of life’s meses’ –a break-up which she has named “Boyfriend Cleanz’  - born from her own emotional rollercoaster and journey to ‘Cleanz’ ‘n get her sense of self ‘n sass back! ...more