Mother and Child Reunion

Lately, I've had cause to wonder...what does a healthy parent/child relationship look like? Why is it often elusive? How can something that usually starts so blissfully go so terribly awry? As anyone who follows this blog knows, my relationship with my mother was turbulent, my father nonexistent. ...more

How To Stay Monogamous

Modern Americans appear to be serially monogamous. For those who wonder how to stay monogamous in a relationship, it can be helpful to look for “triggers” for cheating within relationships. Research shows that these most commonly move one member of a couple from being content in a monogamous relationship to the cheater/cheated column. If these exist in your life and marriage, be aware and proactive to keep your love strong....more

The Ever Changing Human Pair-Bond

In spite of the intense displays of life-long passion our media tells us we should find in our partnerships, the human “pair-bond” has actually meant different things at different times throughout human history....more

Sorry not Sorry, is confusing the Men in my life

If you haven't seen this commercial and you are a woman, you are missing out! So what has happened since I have implemented the, sorry not sorry, into my life. Let me tell you, craziness has happened....more

How to Make First Impressions Count

You only have a few seconds to create a first impression when meeting a prospective partner so don’t waste it.In the online dating world where we can all scroll through hundreds of potential partners we make that initial judgement in even less time.The first hurdle is your online dating photo. While you have no control over the likes and dislikes of the person viewing you, how you present yourself can increase your chances....more

Why Chivalry is Important in a Modern Relationship

The very word “chivalry” evokes thoughts of Medieval knights and movies of that age in which the behaviour of men towards women was marked by great respect and affectation. Unfortunately, such behaviour seems as ancient as that distant time, yet chivalry is still one of the strongest aspects in how men and women demonstrate their respect towards the other....more


It pisses her off when you say it, and you don’t understand why. Until now.  What: What do you want from me?  ...more

We All Desire Sexual Desire

In a global study of 12,000 women and men, the most highly valued part of sex was feeling sexual desire for one’s partner.Read that again! Not being desired, but rather feeling desire for the one we are with....more

Is Your Ex Really a Narcissist?

There seems to be a EX Narcissist epidemic.   The most common statements I hear over social media and blogging are “My Ex is a Narcissist.”  OR “I was married to a Narcissist.”Funny, you just don’t hear I was married to a complete A**hole anymore.  Why?  Because the A**hole has been replaced by the Narcissist it seems....more
Hi Kath, make sure you read and research on how to deal with a Narc.  It will definitely help ...more

Mama Jeklyll & Mama Hyde

Just writing this post makes me feel unloyal to the core. That's how mixed up I am right now.Now, now I'm not about to write about infedility or any extramarital affair for sure.  However, I certainly feel unloyal about writing about my nefarious mother in law after almost three decades married to her first born.  ...more