A Book Worth The Read - The Gentlemen’s Guide for a Long Term Relationship - Ensuring a Happy Ending

An easy read and excellent read.  It will help you in your relationship. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U838MYK...more

Don't Go to Bed Angry, Just Go to Bed

When my best friend was married a few years ago, she passed around the most beautiful little book to her guests. I watched as it made its way around the room, stopping at every table. It was passed from person to person, bringing wistful smiles and more than a few shared glances. Each person that handled it slowly flipped through the pages, and then paused thoughtfully before choosing a new page and beginning to write.By the time the book made its way to me, I was overcome with curiosity. What little piece of magic was this, that everyone had something to write in it?...more

The Secret Lives of Boys - Part 1

I grew up in a household overrun with women. With 3 older sisters and a take-charge mother who ran the household, it was very much a matriarchal set up. Despite having 1 brother and an emotionally unavailable and wholly uninvolved father, the men were outnumbered and out-ruled – not by design, but simply by happenstance. So, because of the situation I grew up in, boys were always a bit of a mystery to me....more

Not His Princess

"You deserve a man who treats you like a princess."How often are women given this advice? It is a call to raise your standards and settle for nothing less than the man who makes all your dreams come true. We're to give up on the unworthy men who don't romance us every step of the way, and focus on attaining the man who sees what we truly deserve and provides it. Not only is this idea fully accepted in our culture, but it has been wholeheartedly embraced by many in the church. We are told that we are "daughters of the King," and that as such we are entitled to a man who treats us like a princess. It is no less than God's will and desire for our lives that we have the Prince Charming for whom our hearts long. If we wait and pray and don't lower our standards, God will grant us the prince He has promised as our right as His daughters.But when you say you deserve a man who treats you like a princess, what does that mean?...more

Single On Valentine’s Day. But, Would You Change a Thing?

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a male co-worker about relationships and my state of singleness. Okay, if I’m honest, it was one of many conversations I had made this kind man patiently endure on this topic. After listening to me drone on about my horrible affliction for the gazillionth time, he asked with a voice of exasperation, “Amanda, why do you let being single define you so much?”I remember it like it was yesterday because it struck me deeply and I felt embarrassed.He was right....more

Why I Married A Man I Didn't Love (And What I Learned)

Immediately following my divorce, I sat on my couch and gazed at the ceiling for hours.   No one knew I did this....more

When Good Times Want to Head to the Dark Side.

Okay. First of all, let’s agree that most men are the fucking WORST at breaking up. Or is it that they’re the fucking worst at breaking up with ME?? Am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t realize it’s even happened because no one TOLD ME? I didn’t get the memo or the email. Even a mofo TEXT would have been better than thinking someone is still there when it’s really their dust....more

If forever single and 50+ – are you a woman who emasculates men?

 In a recent article for the Daily Mail, Kate Mulvey bemoans the fact that as she approaches 50, she is not yet married, putting this down to the fact that men are unable to cope with a woman ‘outshining’ them. She refers to recent research confirming this, saying ‘I have lost count of the times men have rejected and insulted me simply because I was brighter, wittier or cleverer than they are.’...more

How Serious Is It, Doctor?

After the age of fifty, is it more or less important that any relationship you have is “serious”? ...more