My fav study of 2012 found that guys are more sexually attracted to curvy women when they are stressed out. Show me a working man who isn't stressed and I'll show you a wheelbarrow full of calorie free chocolate bars.Big booties attract the blokes, according the the UK study by Brit Psychologists. Historically in periods of economic depression bigger girls “communicate strength, control and independence.” Enter Mae Wes and her buxom blondes in the 1930s....more

You Teach People How To Treat You

 Something I always say is, “You teach people how to treat you.” Time and time again this statement proves true… time and time again I remind people of this statement in all sorts of situations. From children to adults… it applies to anyone, everyone, regardless of their age or relationship status.The people in our lives are treating us the exact way that we have allowed them too… the exact way we have taught them too. We teach them through our actions and our inactions. Our tolerance of behaviors through silence speaks volumes to how much self worth we possess....more

about us

This is my love and me. He makes me laugh every day.     ...more

Does He Have A Big Clock?

 When I was dating in my late teens and very early twenties, it never occurred to me to wonder what any guy was doing when he wasn’t with me. Perhaps it was because I had little interest in having a relationship so serious that I would have to care. With that said, during those years, with no intention, I somehow slipped and fell into a ten year long relationship and didn’t really look back.Cut to almost 20 years and three “long term” relationships later and dating seems to be much more of a project than it ever was before. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that besides being older, I’ve picked up some habits and baggage. Most of all, I’ve begun consciously applying standards....more

Top 10 things to stop doing right now

1. Don’t think that people will change.2. Don’t settle. In every person you encounter you gain something. Focus on what you gained, instead of what you were disappointed with. Use that list to carry you into the next relationship.3. Don’t think that people aren’t satisfied with what they are or their circumstances. People structure their lives the way they want. When you join someone’s life it either works or it doesn’t.4. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama. Follow your gut. If you hesitate about something, it is usually something you should avoid....more

Hurricane Sandy – I Lost Power But Maybe Found a Stronger Connection

It has been a few days since hurricane Sandy reached the Northeast and caused havoc for millions. I remained in my apartment in New York City for three days with my two daughters without electricity or water. The days had their challenges but I noticed how my daughters and I all stayed together the entire time. We ate, slept, talked and played together. We laughed about the non-working toilet that was starting to smell and the hard biscuits I made in the dark....more
@Renmeleon What a great idea to unplug one night a week.  I think I am going to try that in my home.more

Politics and Religion are Destroying My Family

This morning, I grieve the loss of my brother. Someone I love fiercely. Someone I believed always had my back and was there for me more times than I can count. Someone I would have done anything for. Instead, it would seem that the hammer of politics and religion packs too strong a punch and the damages left by its blows are proving to be too hard to rebuild. Or at least I think that’s what he thinks. Because I really don’t know. We’ve never discussed it.Religion can divide us so easily. It can be used to slash and burn foundations....more
Wow, you wrote this post 2 years ago - I am so grateful that I found it.  Thank you for your ...more

How Having a Baby Affected My Marriage

My second child is now four-months-old. Before he was born, all I heard was “having two kids is no joke.” People would constantly tell me how difficult it was to handle two kids and what a change it was from having only one child. They certainly did not lie, but I’m thankful to report that there is one area that I needlessly worried would be affected by baby number two: my marriage....more
Thanks for the article. We don't have kids yet but this sounds like my marriage, and i'm sure ...more

Social Media & Relationships-Are you an SMS?

This looks pretty funny huh?If so, lets talk about this combination; Social Media and Relationships. Hey you?!...more

Are You "That" Girl?

Nobody wants to be "that" girl.She answers her phone at the most important part of the movie, ...more