You're Ruining Your Relationship

Some of us are making the mistake of ruining our relationship, subconsciously. Some of the things we do and say can border on self-sabotage and it just might be chipping away at the foundation of our own relationship. Here are some ways you just might be ruining your relationship and not even know it:...more

So Your Partner's A Crossdresser: Now, What?

I received an email last night that made me think a lot about the direction of my blog. For the most part, I do like to post issues that occur or activities that I do with my children, but in between those posts I occasionally talk about my husband, who happens to be a crossdresser, the fact that my daughter is gay, or my son's propensity for wearing pink. These are things that I struggled with at one time or another, but came to understand, accept, and support....more

We Don't Have To Be So Heartless

By Ella | On 13, Mar 2014For the original article and other great posts, visit

Forever, Ever - Ship

Mom always said, “A good friend is the one you can immediately rekindle with even after a long time apart.”I had a ‘friend’ who tried to own me.  It took me a while to realise the ‘friendship’ was really just a ‘hership’.  Today we would call it a toxic relationship.  It was difficult but liberating to end.  ...more

My Mother & My Truth

On February 27, my mother was found on the floor of her apartment unresponsive and barely breathing. A neighbor called a neighbor who called the police who called the nursing agency's number on Mom's fridge who called me. "Dyane, your mother was found on the floor and is now being transported to the hospital," she said "you should get there as soon as possible." I just replied, "Okay." You see, this 'mother' of mine held the title but never bore the responsiblity the job required. It may send me to Hell but I'm just not selfless enough to care for her now....more

Keeping the Fires Burning - Against All Odds

“Keep the fire lit in your marriage and your life will be filled with warmth.”-Fawn WeaverThis past August, my husband and I celebrated a milestone in our lives - our 30-year wedding anniversary. Three decades! Over 10,000 days being married. I'd calculate the hours and days, but that may overwork my calculator!...more

The Science Behind St. Valentine's Day

The Science Behind St. Valentine’s DayWhen you think of St. Valentine’s Day what pops into your head?...more
Uh-oh...I skipped all of these yesterday except for the chocolate...but I eat that every day.  I ...more

Complacency: The Silent Relationship Killer

“Same thing it took, to get your baby hooked….its gonna take the same thang to keep her”-The Impressions (1975)...more
Thank you Ellen Ross  I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.more

Get Your Relationship In Writing?

There’s a new trend rising up in the world of relationships, the relationship contract. No, not a prenup, or even a marriage certificate, but an actual contract outlining certain dynamics of a relationship. This contract is between two people who are currently involved, they are not married and they are not even engaged....more