Is Your Ex Really a Narcissist?

There seems to be a EX Narcissist epidemic.   The most common statements I hear over social media and blogging are “My Ex is a Narcissist.”  OR “I was married to a Narcissist.”Funny, you just don’t hear I was married to a complete A**hole anymore.  Why?  Because the A**hole has been replaced by the Narcissist it seems....more
Hi Kath, make sure you read and research on how to deal with a Narc.  It will definitely help ...more

Mama Jeklyll & Mama Hyde

Just writing this post makes me feel unloyal to the core. That's how mixed up I am right now.Now, now I'm not about to write about infedility or any extramarital affair for sure.  However, I certainly feel unloyal about writing about my nefarious mother in law after almost three decades married to her first born.  ...more

Why Are You Still Single? Math

Why are you still single?“Imagine my surprise” is my first response to this seemingly innocent but breathtakingly rude question. I say ‘first’ because I’ve learned to keep an escalation list of answers. Despite unwavering hope that a wry reply will end the questioning, 9 out of 10 times, the inquisitioner chuckles, and follows up.“No, really, why?”...more

You Could Snoop Around, But Should You?

We are all naturally curious people but sometimes, that curiosity can get in the way. Curiosity, they say, can kill a cat, and it may also kill your relationship....more
Also your boyfriend CAN have friends that are girls and he should be allowed to!more

49 Years of your ass!!

Today is my mom and dad's 49th anniversary. They have survived 6 kids (3 together), 15 grand-kids, 10 great-grand kids and a whole slew of sons and daughter in-laws....more

On Throwing Stones, Flinging Arrows, and Wrecking Trains.

Yesterday I learned about an old acquaintance who is, to put it mildly, going through some things. These "things" are bad. Really bad. And they are a direct result of some really bad choices. Did I mention bad? There's no way around it. And there is no way to justify it. Tracie, one of my best friends since we met in third grade, had this to say about the train wreck that is our old acquaintance's life at the moment: ...more

Men are From Mars, Women are From Earth

When I was fifteen and I started dating my first long-term boyfriend, my mother gave me a copy of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus".  I read the part about men with great curiosity - this explained my father!  My boyfriend at the time happened to have been a very emotional Sicilian football player who never went to a "man cave" as the book describes....more

Shattering Stereotypes

I told some people I was writing a book.  I told my partner, who claims I never talk.  But I told him and I felt stupid telling him.  For over twenty years we have co-habited, supported each other mentally and physically, and I felt stupid telling him this.  I expected him to say "and you gave up a $60,000 a year teaching job to write a book?  There are people unemployed who have been forced out of their jobs, who are facing foreclosure and vehicle repo and you gave your job up to write a book?  Are you crazy?  Can't you jus...more

So Your Partner's A Crossdresser: Now, What?

I received an email last night that made me think a lot about the direction of my blog. For the most part, I do like to post issues that occur or activities that I do with my children, but in between those posts I occasionally talk about my husband, who happens to be a crossdresser, the fact that my daughter is gay, or my son's propensity for wearing pink. These are things that I struggled with at one time or another, but came to understand, accept, and support....more

We Don't Have To Be So Heartless

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