Sex Toy Review – The Sqweel Go!

 It looks like a bunch of cat tongues but smoother....more

The runaway.

They argued a lot. It was never like this before.  I didn’t like it. They were always telling her no.  She would get angry when they said no. Why can’t they just say yes and then she wouldn't get mad?I was bored.  She was out a lot. I was allowed to go to my cousins and stay for a week. I was glad to go. I was just enjoying my stay when I saw my Aunt on the phone. Something was wrong. My Mom needed to speak to me. ...more

The argument.

We only ever had one argument. This one argument lasted a long, silent, awful while.I believe she was spreading her wings, leaving the co-dependent relationship we shared.Hindsight is a beautiful is maturity.She dared to have a boyfriend. A boyfriend. It occurred to me, their relationship became more important to her than ours.It didn’t occur to me, my large social circle was becoming more important to me than our relationship. She ratted me out!   RATTED.  ME.  OUT....more

36 Relationship Lessons From 36 Years of Marriage

Thom & I — 36 years later! One of my blogging friends named Bethany turned 35 a couple of weeks ago and she wrote a blog post listing 35 different lessons she’s learned during her life.  After getting over the shock of realizing I’d been married longer than she’s been on the planet—I realized that with my wedding anniversary happening this week, I had learned a great deal during the last 36 years of marriage.  With the hope that some of these might prove useful to others, here’s my list: Make your spouse/partner your very best friend and treat him/her that way every single day. ...more
# 23   Spend time together doing things you both like to do. What if you do not have any hobbies ...more

When Should You Stop Wishing Your Ex A "Happy Birthday"?

They say, it takes half the time you were with someone to get over them. I wish there was such a formula, rule of thumb, something, with regard to exes and birthdays. Sadly, it’s just one of those grey areas in life, and some days, like today, I hate that. ...more
I wrote about that same situation in my blog, check it out- ...more

The team.

She lived vicariously through my post secondary education.  She helped me move into my first apartment.In my absence, she enjoyed short sheeting my bed, putting lampshades on upside down and removing labels.  We always made everything fun for each other.     My first day there alone, I felt her love with each silly thing I discovered. Her regular letters helped stifle any homesickness.  ...more

The empowerment.

She is looking at me again.I pretend to be oblivious to her staring.I know what she wants.  Her desire makes me automatically reject her.The longer I ignore her, the greater the impact. She will ask eventually....I anticipate it with a ballooning ego. In fact, I kind of want her to ask, in a smug kind of a way.  It gives me power.I only know this power when I am with her. I am learning I have control over this power more and more.   ...more

8 months, 23 days to go

Today I had a badass epiphany moment and realized it. Isn’t that half the battle? Realizing a moment when it winds up and smacks you up alongside the head.   I grew up in a house where emotions were not tolerated. If you had even the slightest emotion, heck if you were even headed down the road of an emotion, you were squashed like a bug with words. You’re a cry babyYou’re a drama queenYou never shut upYou’re a chatterboxYou’re crazyYou’re unstableYou’re a (fill in the ______)...more

Boris Kodjoe Thinks Weight Gain In Marriage Is "Unacceptable"...Wait, What?

Dear Nicole Ari Parker I hope you never have a thyroid problem, go through menopause, get lupus, lose a leg in in a car accident, have your face disfigured, avoid getting nipped and tucked, have heart problems that will stop you from doing your cardio exercises, or any other life challenge that might cause you to gain weight because your husband says that gaining weight is "unacceptable"....more
I went through all your comments and certainly you did engage readers in strong responses. ...more

Is "Fear" Your Lover?