Things We Don't Talk About...or Things I'll Tell My Daughter

     There are so many things that we, as women, have been brought up to believe are "taboo" subjects, or at least that you don't need to share with anyone. After going through a series of intense situations on my own, I realized one day that so many of my fellow women--my mother, my friends, my relatives, my acquaintances--had experienced the exact same thing, and had thought, as I had, that they were the only one. Instead of "burdening" others with our problems, we had suffered in silence, in loneliness, in defeat....more
@Jeanne' thanks for the kind words. You're not a slow learner, though...I've been married for ...more

I Don't Have a Rainbow Thing

I have a secret. It's the reason I blur my pictures and give my kids cute names like Punkgirl (12), Happyboy (10), and Rose (7 months), and it's the reason my husband is Coffeeguy and I am the Stuck At Home Mom. It's not because I think I'll suddenly break out as a writer and have 50,000 new fans and have to hide from the paparazzi, but rather because I need to vent sometimes and I don't want to share the secrets of my loved ones without some anonymity for them. My daughter is a lesbian. My son likes to wear girls' clothes. And my husband is a full-blown cross-dresser....more
Interestingly enough, my son is not transgender. He simply likes to wear "girl's" ...more

10 Things Not To Do in Front of Your Man...(or woman!)

       When we are in relationships we love to share everything with our boo, but sometimes ladies, we share way to damn much. I may get some slack for this list but here it is anyway......more
@kimskitchensink What I find awful is your hateful attitude and YOUR shaming of the opinions of ...more

The Downfall of Too Many Masks


The Last Time I Connected With a Friend

I was 13 and had just moved to Southern California from Oregon.  In Salem, I was used to lots of grey, subdued days and the culture of a controlled, Southern Baptist, private school with a dress code.  In Irvine, the sun shone about 80% of the time and everything seemed bolder and more obnoxious -- especially the kids.  I was in a public school now.  There were lots of ballistic swear words, flip flops and shorts.  I'm not making a judgment about public school, just a retelling of my experience....more


Even though I wrote this almost a year ago on July 16, 2012, this was a pivotal learning for who I am today. And while the relationship I speak of ended (and I'm no longer in LA), I am so grateful for him and that experience. ...more
@danicamichelle loved your post! :) and i agree, it is so important to find someone who is ...more

How to stay together for 20 years~ without being married!

Some of you may be wondering "How do you stay together 20 years and not get married?". Well wonder no more! I'm going to let you in on a secret.....more

I'll Meet You In Switzerland

My favorite story about my father is something you only find in fairy tales. Because truth be told, he really was my mom’s prince. Image: Joelle Pittman via Memtolax At 24, my mom thought my 30 year-old dad was too old to date her; but nevertheless, he persistently asked her out. She eventually relented, but he could never quite convince her that he was truly serious. ...more
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When Sex Can Trash the Self

A woman I know told me that when she first had sex and lost her virginity, she felt she had been run over by a Mack truck. She felt it took her years to recover from it. But because of her mental conditioning, she thought that that was supposed to happen. That somehow her self esteem was supposed to diminish. She was thrown off her path for years just by having teenage sex with a man who didn’t care about her, and with men afterwards who did not esteem her at all. They thought of her as someone fluffy, disposable, not to be taken seriously. They did not see her as powerful....more

Slow Days

Have you ever had a slow day? I'm just so tired. Can't think. Can't write.Everytyhing around me is moving so fast, and I dont mind, I can still just stand there and absorb it all in like a sponge. It all starts by waking up on the wrong side of the bed I guess. But even if I might be feeling that  things in my life are becoming more and more overwhelming, I don't ever think I have to deal with them alone!  xoxx...more