New Dating Lingo - Let's Leave it Open!!

Apparently in this 21st century, when a guy says he’s leaving a date time open and doesn’t get in touch during the day, in his mind, the date is still on!! He also thinks that the time  and meeting place is flexible and acceptable to both of you!! Somebody wake me up!!!Continue Reading>>>>...more


Just finished the most recent of my periodic culls of “Facebook Friends.” I don’t have many left and there are a few there who I will admit aren’t really friends anymore but who I keep on for old time’s sake. I seem to be cursed by a distaste for hypocrisy and calling anyone “friend” that I either don’t really know or really like even though I do not know him or her that well simply bugs me....more

What to do with TOXIC people…

 As I sit on my bed writing this article, I think of the “toxic” people who have entered my life, and I think of the toxic people I have successfully shown the “exit” door to. It is not an easy task; however, the best advice came from my mother....more

The Boyfriend

  It is  unexpected, this change of situation, this very different life that I now live. Certainly if anyone had suggested that at the age of 48, I would be a divorcee with a boyfriend, I would have laughed my head off with incredulity, wiping tears from my eyes. No, not me, NEVER ! So how exactly does a woman of my age introduce her significant other ?The few times I have been in this position, words have, quite unusually,… failed me....more

Hills and Valleys


The Olympics and Friends with Benefits

Well, thank the good Lord above for the Olympics!! London is raining with men! Hallelujah!!Where did all these guys come from?  I love the spirit of the City.. as the anthem is not going to sing itself off the sheets a lot of us stayed behind to cheer our teams on, ehmm by partying…. That’s the spirit!!!  It comes as no surprise then that my diary has been chock blocked with parties and more parties and then some!!...more

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” For Children

Following the Boy Scouts of America decision to continue excluding gay people from participating, many parents are venting their frustration with what they describe as the gay community’s assault on one of the last bastions of wholesome tradition – in the eyes of many, an assault on childhood itself: “Why do we have to talk about this? Why can’t you just let kids be kids?”...more
I'm sorry I didn't meet you at BlogHER 12 this month.  I, too blog on topics of interest to ...more

Happy Anniversary Angela

Nineteen years and four and a half hours ago, I said "I do" to my college sweetheart. I used to cringe when I heard that term "college sweetheart" because for a rugby playin', Psych Furs listenin', MOMA goin' college kid from NY, it sounded so very typical, ordinary and quite simply, ho-hum....more

A Few Good Men – left…

Like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; I guess this wasn't meant to be!!

I can only imagine what Tom and Katie are going through right now... See one of the reasons why I’ve always believed in the Journey model, no matter how hard it is proving to be, is because the model allows me to pace myself, think through what is happening during the dating period and helps me to make meaningful successful decisions. But I’m not naive neither am I oblivious to the fact that nothing is certain in life and sometimes  I just need to take a chance. and taking a chance can be expensive!...more