My Boyfriend Took My New Year's Dream Vacation To France With Another Woman & How I Am NOT Going To Drink Over It

Until a week ago, I lived in the West Village with my boyfriend, and we shared the best dog in the world, Lucky. Over the holidays, my boyfriend told me that he had to go on a work trip. He appeared stressed, so I tried to not push him and assumed that he'd back in a few days. A week passed, then ten days. I worried, then, tried to not worry. I distracted myself. I meditated a lot. I wrote. I gave him space, which is extremely hard for me someone like me to do....more

The 4 phases of an ending relationship. Also, I think I just broke up with a piece of myself.

This post first appeared on Moxie-Dude.comMoving a new job realizing that you’ve just burnt dinner and you have no back-up plan. These are some of the most stressful situations in a person’s life.And then there’s “the break-up”, which sits on a plateau of its very own. No matter what the reason or who the initiator, the thing about break-ups is that the saddest part doesn’t actually come at the moment of the split, but much later when you realize: “Oh. I guess it really IS over.”...more
SnarkySass Moxie-Dude  Sweet!!! I love it when people can see the good that others bring into ...more