MAKING THAT TURN……WHEN WE NEED TO MAKE CHANGES….. Most people simply get up day in and day out and do the same things over and over without really thinking much about what they are doing. I think that can be a good thing. We need to be automatic in many of the things we do....more


RE-FALL IN LOVE……I got to thinking today about how many times I have RE-FALLEN in LOVE with my husband…….I hope the same is for him (I think it is)……The kind of love we have when we first meet someone is simply unsustainable day in and day out year in and year out…..without RE-FALLING IN LOVE….....more

The Happy Dance

The Happy Dance… Almost every morning when I am with my boyfriend Jon, I do a dance for him. It is not a sexy dance but what I call a “Happy Dance”. I have no sense of rhythm what so ever! I jump around singing things like, “Jonny is awesome and amazing, and he’s my love.” See Jon wakes up grumpy in the morning. At first he thought I was totally annoying. After a while he looked forward to the dance and the song that came with it; it not does he likes my off tempo dancing or my out of key voice....more

The Lucky 7 - Marriage Tips for the Clueless.

I always say that the people most experienced to give advice are those who have walked in your shoes. If you've never been married, how can you give marriage advice? If you've never been divorced, how can you know what it feels like to get back out there? If you've never lived in a blended family or haven't raised one, then do you really understand where I am coming from? The best advice comes from those in the trenches, living it everyday. I've been married before and like the saying goes, you need to learn from your mistakes....more

The 4oth Birthday: Handle With Care

Those forties come at you with the power of lightning and  nothing feels right anymore.  I know this firsthand since I turned forty some years ago, it's a dangerous birthday.  Women should receive prior notice when their 40th birthday comes along advicing them that this particular birthday should be handled with care.  It should also include a disclosure that states that any dumb decision you may make when turning forty has nothing to do with reality, but with the fact that you are forty....more

Chronic Illness and Toxic Relationships: Why You Deserve Better

Great post, btw. This is something that needs to be brought to people's attention, and I'm glad ...more

How health is linked with relationships

Your good health is your life; it must be always protected by your own will. Do not compromise on your health in any matter of life because if there will be no health there is no charm left in the world. Sugar will not be sweet for you and similarly oranges will seem pink....more

Nurturing Your Relationship When You Have Children

So, I planned on doing this post for Valentine’s Day, but since we’ve had a lot going on here at home, I’m a few days late. But… better late than never, right? As I was writing this post, I was thinking that there are already hundreds of articles and such out there that speak of how to keep the magic in your relationship. Most of them probably even have some good advice. However, many of the typical relationship tips and tricks are a little harder to pull off when you have kids. Meet your husband at the door after work wearing just a martini?...more

What size does your love come in?

Could he be my Venti?Does it start as a tall and eventually grow into a grande, or are you so scarred by past relationships...more

Turn Off Your Phones Day-Dec. 1st

Ok, I've had it. We, as a social media world, are going to stop the madness.     ...more