Simplicity Sucks

Photo Cred: Organized Assistant.comIn the last week I realized that for quite sometime I have been ...more

Finding Peace in Chaotic World of Technology

What is your favorite hour of the day? Whatever hour I can sit quietly by myself and just breathe.  On a regular school day, that is about 8:15am to 9:15am.  I can write my blog, read some Facebook, do laundry, and plan my day.  It is a blessing in disguise to work so few hours.  I have a lot of time to organizing and manage the household and family matters, but then I don't have enough money to shower my kids with wholesome activities.  Who am I kidding?  They just want Minecraft and be glued in front of a computer or tablet all day.  ...more

Back in the Saddle Again

Oh the glorious memories of a vacation…..sand, puppies, trees, sunshine. Oh the reality! Phone calls, phone calls with no return numbers, paperwork redux with the department, feels like I am back on the proverbial snipe hunt. Jim gets to go down to the house this afternoon, to meet with the builder, plunber, electrician, contractor, etc. Lucky guy! At least I got a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts because the Philly football team, the Eagles, won their game. It’s not all bad. ...more

Embracing the Lazy

I've had a dynamic relationship with Sundays.I remember a time when I used to work in a restaurant.I hated Sundays....more

How to Chill Out for a Day!

One of my very favorite bloggers has mentioned in a few of her posts that she loves listening to podcasts by Tara Brach.  She has mentioned on more than one occasion how Tara's "steady, calming" voice help her to feel grounded, inspired and grateful, and because I think that we all are always searching for ways to bring a little more peace into our lives, I decided to take her advice and...more

The Answer to Creating A Holiday of Your Choosing

We are entering a complicated time.  It's the holiday season– whoosh, zap, run,go.  It's the darkest month-  dark when we wake, dark when get out of work- our blood feels like mud and caffeine becomes our constant companion.  This is the time when we are over extended emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually.  This is the month when the darkness slows our metabolism.  There's a colossal trick of nature, just when we need to be working at optimum speed, clear headed in order to choose between the blue sweater or the boots for Sa...more

Saturday Classes: Week Four and Five

Okay, so I am playing a bit of catch up here and have fallen behind on blogging about how I keep busy while my husband is attending his Saturday classes.  So I have combined week four and five in one post.Week Four:...more

Entrepreneurial Spirit or Stress

High energy and optimism drive entrepreneurs to overcome the daily challenges of starting and running a business.  It is drawn from the spirit of achievement.  A belief in winning.  The achiever reflects on the vision supplanted in the back of their mind that reminds them they can do it.  Entrepreneurial spirit motivates. Unfortunately, entrepreneurial stress can be harmful....more

Quiet Time

The blog Mama's Losin' It has a writing session where the prompts are posted every Tuesday, after choosing one you write about it.  Then on Thursday you go back and link it up.  Today I've chosen the prompt, "Time for a break.  Show us where you go for quiet time."  ...more


Dr. Oz calls them N.U.T.S. They’re the “nagging, unfinished tasks” the nibble at the edge of our consciousness, interfere with our thought processes, and chisel away at our creativity. They’re the racing thoughts that keep us awake at night, and dog us throughout our busy day. Our thoughts scramble with endless to-do lists and we can’t focus on any one thing.Shrinks call them “intrusive thoughts,” and we’re all prone to them. I think that writers are especially vulnerable to NUTS because there is something intrinsically “unfinished” about the work of a novelist....more
 @kelly.mcclymer  You've got a lot going on, Kelly, but luckily, you are an amazing ...more