Reader Question: Mizani Classic Rhelaxer versus Mizani Butter Blend

I recently received a question from a reader after posting about the best relaxers to use to texlax. It is no secret how I feel about the Mizani brand and I believe it is the best relaxer for texlaxing. A reader inquired about the difference in the Classic Rhelaxer and the Butter Blend Hg formula. ...more

Relax… Just act Natural

 I just put the kids in the bed and decided to flat iron my hair for work tomorrow. A process I have a love hate relationship with for sure. Then I began to think about my hair styling options, maybe it’s time for a change. I have never been one to jump on any fashion or style bandwagon. Things change too quickly for my taste and the last few years there seems to be a mass transition to sistas going natural. Trolling around on message boards and blogs folks seem to have strong opinions-even biases about our hair. ...more