A Good Day

Today was a good one, mostly because I made a conscious effort to make it so. Parenting meeting in the morning meant 2 totally kid-free hours, a decent nap for the little one, playground time after school, dance time after TV time. The dance was the highlight-nothing but goofing off and letting off steam. ...more

Joe In Prison(the saga of Sarah-the last post)

After Joe got away from the police they got desperate to catch him.He had been staying with his aunt. They stuffed her bulky frame into a squad car and took her to jail, for harboring a fugitive. The police were questioning any one who knew him, to discover his where bouts. After hearing about his aunt he decided to turn himself in. The little runt was finally going to face justice! He was charged with grand theft auto and kidnapping(for taking the girls on the high speed chase). He received 10 years for each count and as far as I know is still in prison....more

Saying goodbye to the American Dream

There’s life after foreclosure. I know, because I’m living it. As I sit here, surrounded by flat cardboard waiting to be taped into boxes, mounds of laundry scattered and trampled into soft carpet, garbage bags full of toy scraps, battered and ripped children’s books interspersed with black shriveled and stiff banana peels, I’m relieved. Yes, relieved....more

How to Help Chilean Earthquake Survivors

Last Saturday, February 27th, Chile was hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Today it experienced a 6.6 magnitude aftershock.If you're looking for ways to help the earthquake's survivors, the sites and blogs below have posted lists of relief organizations working in Chile: ...more

Hope and Help for Haiti

By now surely you've heard coverage of the devastating 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti Tuesday, January 12, 2010. Like you I was shocked and saddened and actually broke into tears a bit, as I adore the Caribbean and that nations' people in particular are some of the most peaceful and genuinely heartfelt I've ever met. But shock for me soon births call to action and the first thing I did was begin to pray......more

How to Help Haitian Earthquake Survivors

The people of Haiti are going to need a lot of help after today's 7.0 earthquake. You can see photos of some of the damage as they come in on PicFog.Below is a quick list of organizations asking for donations. If you know of other ways to help, please post ideas in the comments. I'm particularly interested in hearing about grassroots organizations. ...more

Hi all, 

I've come across a blog where people affected by the earthquake can share ...more

Donate to my debt relief in exchange for fresh jam of your choice

I am encouraging you all to take a look at both my blog and twitter (http:runstudyeat.wordpress.com) to get an idea of my situation for the past week before commenting negatively on this. I am involved in a dire financial situation due to an evil ex roommate and her boyfriend, and as an out of state student if I lose my apartment I have no where to go. ...more

Just a Wee Bit Frustrated

Frustration seems to be the humming angst of a thoroughly modern society. Sometimes a  simple problem, or rather a problem that seems to have an easy solution, requires the expertise of Houdini’s principles to navigate to the resolution. Okay, to what am I speaking of specifically? INSURANCE and the whys and wherefores of reimbursement or the lack there of. ...more

Links: Travelers on/to Burma/Myanmar

We can’t help but react to the death and destruction in the wake of Saturday’s cyclone in Myanmar with a sense of personal loss; the journals and photos of travelers who have visited the isolated country are some of IgoUgo’s most indelible. ...more

Good news and Sushi...

"Looks like you have a very healthy baby in here..." No more perfect words have ever been spoken at this point in my life. The genetic counselor put things into great perspective, starting out with the "statistics" on false positives for this type of test. She seemed almost apologetic about it, but did a great job of explaining the could be's and the probably nots. My only disappointment was that she didn't catch the "tremendous good looks" that we had noted as genetic conditions our families carry. Ah well, she obviously wasn't THAT worried. ...more