Arthritis Pain - Topical Treatments, Physical Therapy & More!

It's a cold winter day, and your joints are aching. Do you have arthritis, or have you been stressing your joints to the point of pain? Whatever the cause, you're looking for relief. If you've just overstressed your joints, rest, and possibly an analgesic treatment are all you need. If you've got arthritis, the treatment is more involved. What is Arthritis, Actually?...more

Falling Apart at 40? Not So Fast!

Conventional wisdom holds that osteoarthritis is an "old person's" disease, you know, something your grandmother might have. It is also widely regarded as an unavoidable part of the aging process. But what if you have OA and you are not yet old (relatively speaking, of course)?...more

Being on crutches stinks - I have three kids, and had my surgery right before school got out, so ...more