Kids With Special Needs Are Not "God's Punishment"

According to Bob Marshall of Virginia, kids like my son are a punishment for women who chose to abort previous pregnancies (something I actually chose NOT to do, ooh irony). From ...more

Jenny McCarthy spews ignorance though. Her thoughts about an autism cause and cure are ...more

Raising HIS Princesses

As I click around in blog land I’m noticing that I may be part of a very small group of bloggers. You see my girls are 16 and 18, and most of the ‘mommy blogs’ I read out there are all about little ones.. babies and toddlers. So where do I fit it? I’ve been praying about what kind of ‘niche’ I will have for my blog and the Lord keeps leading me to Titus 2:3-5...more

Are 19 Kids Too Many?

When are they gonna stop? ...more

The Faith Debate: A First Date Conversation Killer?

First dates can be difficult.  You’re worried about the way you look, what to say and whether or not your date is enjoying your conversation.  You’re also trying to decide if you like the other person enough to go out with them again. ...more

Jesus Take The Wheel

How do you completely surrender and let Jesus take the wheel?...more

The Catholic Church Continues to Ignore the Issues: Earthquake Devestation of Haiti 2010

    High in the "Ivory Tower" on Wednesday, Pope Benedict commanded immediate orders that the Roman Catholic Church Charity Network assist in the aide of those suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.     Today, I woke up struggling to make it to Church on time. My car, as always had a little trouble starting. After driving around the block for 10 minutes I decided she would make it to Church....more


Relationships are already challenging, let alone all of the things that come along with them. Such as when to introdcue them to your family, when to move in together, how much time you should or should not spend with eachother, when to have sex for the first time...and of course the big "L Word"... your thinking of the word love right?...more

Did You Come Here For Forgiveness..

A is back home.She went on a 2-day senior retreat with the girls from her high school. It was a mandatory retreat, otherwise, I am sure she would have found a way to get out of going.I made her promise me that she would at least try to do two things:Enjoy herself and participate with an open mind.A attends a Catholic school here in New York and since it is an all-girls school, they have many creative 'bonding' techniques, which are usually just ridiculous....more

He Sees You When You're Sleeping: The Elf on the Shelf vs. Jesus

I was stuck in the Milwaukee airport when my former manager told me about Elf on the Shelf. ...more

Very interesting and thought provoking post!

My approach to parenting has been truth. ...more

Me and Oral Roberts

Heal!! He laid on hands, this intense, florid man, sweating and teary eyed.  The man, woman, or child kneeling at his feet--if they weren't on a stretcher or in a wheel chair--frequently were crying too.  Their stories had been told, their need for healing proclaimed to the heavens and the congregation--along with us out in television land. Oral Roberts seemed to wrest miracles from Jesus; the physical effort was evident .  Nothing gentle about this....more