Why I Suck at Trusting God

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will straight your paths.” –Proverbs 3:5-6When I was initiated into my sorority, my Big gave me this cute little poster with this bible verse on it. I have it pinned to my cork-board in my room, in the hopes that reading it over and over again will give me the ability to actually do such a task.If you’re like me, and something bad has happened to you, it’s hard to fully trust God with your life....more

There Things I Would like, Not

Went to work today at Regis and also Liz place. When I got home my husband told me he watch our state law makers debate. Having the BIBLE brought into the public school, which is paid by tax payer money.Opinion time...I believe this cross the line of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE...more

Religion, Family and Letting Your Kids Find Their Faith

Religion. What a sticky subject, isn't it? We all think that we know best when it comes to religion, don't we? The problems arise when we try to convince others to agree with us. ...more
tia5500 Thank you!more

Is Yoga a Religion?

I can’t help but feel bad when I hear that many Christians (and perhaps many people who are not Christian) are resistant to trying yoga because they think that practicing yoga = acceptance of an array of strange beliefs and practices (i.e. worshipping the sun, chanting to strange beings/forces, believing in various gods, etc.) It seems like such a shame to miss out on the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga because of fear. ...more

RSD/ CRPS and My Religion

Does It Matter


The color of humanism

By DIANE GRIFFINFor Humanist Network NewsOct. 20, 2010 It was another Easter and my family had all descended upon my grandmother’s tiny North Carolina house for our annual gathering. As we all sat together on the cramped floor, participating in our ritual of watching “The Ten Commandments,” I looked around at my family and asked, “Really, is this what we really believe?”...more

What Now?

Something happened on my blog yesterday which doesn't happen every day: I got a new follower. This isn't one of those mega blogs that aims to be a major player and which actually looks more like a 'proper' website than a blog. This is just (not so) little old me with my thoughts. Every follower is someone who has made a conscious decision to do that - well, I hope they were conscious - and I appreciate each and every one. Likewise, every time someone reads what I write I am honoured that you have given a little of your time to me. So. new follower, welcome!...more

My Philadelphia Neighborhood is Getting Ready for Pope Francis

Last week, I was in Brooklyn, New York, and I got into a conversation with an employee of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority about Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States. I was incredulous when he asked, "When is he coming to New York? Is he coming to Philly first and then going to New York, or is it the other way around?" ...more
professorkim Sounds fun. I will venture in the area to see what is happening. However, the ...more

Religion, Idiots and The American Dream

Religion seems to bring out the worst in people.  Folks are shoving their bogus dogma down American throats and there is no end in sight. Kim Davis is the quintessential “good ole girl”. Since the June 26th ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteeing the right of marriage for same-sex couples, she has gone on a one-dumb woman rampage to protect the holy sanctity of marriage....more