Why Doesn't Your Child Attend Sunday School?

Its important the your family takes the time to bond individually and collectively. I think Sunday School is such a great tradition that we all need to support. I love that some churches even have it the same time as adult church. There is nothing wrong with Sunday School. However, more and more parents are just so stressed during the week that they are too tired to drop their children off to Sunday School. ...more

My Favorite Book

Donetta Sifford...more

A Beautiful Day

Oh my goodness, this day is beautiful. It has been a busy morning trying to catch up on my jewelry making and getting lunch; today, it was actually dinner, a big country dinner. Our turnips are in and with a little butter-olive oil and Vidalia onion peach hot sauce, they were the star of the meal. The cinnamon sugar Keefer pears were a second runner-up. I won't even mention everything else, for delicacy's sake. ...more

Wind & Waves

Sometimes I forget.  I forget who holds the power. I like to be in control. I try to play tug-of-war with the Creator of the universe to take control of the power. And just when I think I’m close to winning, I’m reminded that I can’t. ...more
@somethingbeautifulThank you!!! Blessings to you!more

Loss & Marriage

You get that life shattering phone call in the middle of the night or face the reality that shatters your plans, and life around you seems like it was hit my a major earthquake, dislodging everything that previously held you together.My job offers me a front row seat, to see how loss impacts marriage. Communication is gone. Intimacy is a thing of the past. Grief happens in different ways, extinguishing the unity candle that two people, once full of excitement for the future, lit on their wedding day....more


Yesterday one of my children and I were discussing something and they said something that really made me think. They said how it is very hard for them - as teens - to hear over and over about how bad their generation is, and how the direction of their future, as a whole, seems to be headed in the wrong direction. It seems that some adults - teachers and parents - think that by tearing down hopes and dreams, they will really be building them up and are encouraging the youth they are instructing. NOT SO! Just NOT SO!...more

Heart of the Matter

    One of the most revelatory experiences I had during my recent tenure as a pharmaceutical executive was the opportunity to watch cardiac bypass surgery at Baylor Heart Hospital in Texas.  When I say, “watch,” I don’t mean from the viewing booth above the surgical theatre.  Instead, the surgeons permitted me to stand on a stool near the anesthesiologist, inches from the patient’s head, where I was able to peer down into th...more

Obama Can Change Black Hearts, Minds For Gay Rights

One of the best outcomes of Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has been the inspiration and courage it has given a lot of African-American church goers to likewise vocalize their support....more
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Ma'ams-o-gram: Take Two, with a Twist

The results are in... with a twist! http://www.everydayunderwear.com/2012/05/maams-o-gram-take-two-with-twist.html ...more