The Minute You Become a Christian, Act Like One. Don’t Be So Religious Only to Fail at Being Religious Because You Lack Being Sp

I’m just a messenger. When God speaks, I listen. I would rather do what God says and have him be pleased at me than to do what others say and have them be mad at me....more

'The Messiah' play a resounding success in Charlotte, North Carolina

The play's cast with Fr. Richard Ho LungA week after it was held at the 800-person capacity Halton Theater of CPCC in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, the musical presentation “The Messiah” remains the talk of the town.“It was hard to find seats...presenting the life of Christ and integrating it with Jamaican culture was interesting and different,” said Raymund Kelly....more

Dear Son - Book Review

I was so excited to read this book for review, as part of Tyndale Blog Network. Dear Son - David Bruskas...more