Cranberry Relish

I had my Christmas dinner today, and thought that I would take a crack at Cranberry Relish. My dad used to make this on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I always loved it. This is a very simple recipe and a great way to introduce someone to cranberries.  Here is what you need.Ingredients:12 oz of Cranberries, fresh is best.1 cup sugar2 cups water1 tablespoon lemon and orange zest....more

Kickin' Cranberries!

Pom-Apple Cranberry Relish. ...more

Preserving Summer: Jams, Jellies, Chutneys and Relishes

I am sure many of us are finding ourselves with a surplus amount of fresh produce. As home gardens, Framer's markets, and CSA boxes are currently overflowing with lovely looking fresh fruit and vegetables, my thoughts normally turn to preserving them for use later in the year. My solution to all this surplus produce is preserving – making jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves is something we have gotten used to doing every year. Although it’s just the three of us, our consumption on these items is rather high. ...more

I've never made any type of jam, jelly, or chutney! Partly it's because I don't really like the ...more