Settling In

"Build a bridge," I told him.  "What have you got to lose?  Go ahead, apply for the job."  Be careful of what you say when someone asks your opinion.  Especially if that someone is your husband and the topic is a new position, out of state.  ...more

His Soul Is Burned Into Mine: Moving On Without Someone You Love

It is sometime during the 4:00 hour. I am lying, wide awake, in my bed sucking on a lozenge because I can't stop coughing. I've got a toddler's head rammed between my shoulder blades. I'm hot from all the blankets and lovies my ten-year-old has brought into my huge king-sized bed with him. The house is quiet and feels a little emptier with Hubby on a business trip despite all of the company I have in bed with me. Edgie has been pushing Slim in his sleep, "Move over Slim!! This my bed." And I roll my eyes because, no, it's MY bed; I smile in spite of it. ...more
terrilively  Thank you!more

Moving Abroad

It's official - I am moving to Switzerland! I have less than one month before I get on a one way flight to Zurich on 1 October 2011. What, you don't find this surprising? I am in complete shock!...more

Home at last in Kensington Brooklyn

The pride of America flying from the front of our houseAfter 3 months living in a ...more
Welcome! I hope your arrival and stay will be an easy transition and a comfortable stay. I am ...more

Saying Goodbye to Recruiting Duty

Saying goodbye to Recruiting Duty ...more

A Child’s Adjustment to Yet Another Relocation

Since the day Isa­iah was born in 2005 he has moved six times and had five  addresses (we’ve lived twice at grand­mas). This is a result of mommy just try­ing to make a liv­ing and fol­low­ing the work. In August of 2005, my shinny new baby boy was wel­comed at grandma’s house where she nurtured and took care of him while I worked for a whole year. At the ...more

Items to Take With You as You Move!

I’m overwhelmed! What do I need to take with me during the move? Experience has taught me exactly what items are necessary during a move…and which items is unneeded baggage. ...more

Moxie Mom's New Biz

Last summer my entire family was finally on wheels. My 8-year-old son was biking steadily; my then 4-year-old had mastered the training wheels. At long last, we were ready for a family bike adventure. Or so I thought. ...more