Life Update: Rebuilding After Divorce


Four days together maybe the start of forever?

We had four wonderful days alone together.  My ex husband and I met at a beautiful lake in Arkansas and just were there.  We left our families, our jobs, our separate homes, our old hard feelings at home and just had an amazing weekend.  There were revelations both observed and spoken.  I saw the changes in his capabilities.  He is easily winded much quicker than before with less exertion.  However, I saw how ingenious he is about finding a way to make it work.  He used pulleys to move things he no longer could on his own.  He asked me to get things f...more

Everything Old is New Again

I'm a sister wife!!  My ex has remarried.  As he said in his wedding speech, (of which a video was smuggled out of the ceremony and into my greedy hands, ) he has met the love of his life.  Hello?  Does 27 years of folded socks, dry cleaning pick up, oh- and birthing four children count for nothing these days?  Please dont tell that to this uterus that now hits the water when I sit down to pee....more

Where's Home for the Holidays When You're Divorced or Remarried?

 —The turkey I prepared last year, when my stepsons celebrated an early Christmas with us. ...more

Garage Wail

My garage lurks behind the house at the end of a long driveway. Square, blue, surrounded by viciously thorned raspberry bushes, it’s been a looming presence in more way than one since I combined households with my husband. He’s a divorced father, and I moved into the house he shared with his previous wife and his son....more

The fine art of insincerity

Some novels are like mirrors. As you read them, you glimpse a reflection of the ugliness that sin produces in your own heart and life. That's the affect of Angela Hunt's latest story, The Fine Art of Insincerity. ...more

A Girl Raising a Boy: What I Want for My Son

 I’m a girl whose raising a boy. He’s six now; I’m 34. How can I control the programming for a gender for which I hold no code?...more

Joining the Divorce Club

For those of us who have been divorced, indubitably at one time or another, we turn the magnifying glass on ourselves and question our judgment. We scrutinize every move, every red flag missed, every sign we ignored. I [thought I] wanted something, I tried it, I gave it my best, and it didn’t work out [according to original plan]. It doesn’t really matter the reason – I thought “forever and always” and instead I got “until now.” ...more
Tonight, I needed these words. Thanks.more

Grandpas and Golddiggers

George Johnson is 74-years-old. He recently sold the business he founded 30 years earlier. He has three children and five grandchildren. He was widowed three years ago when his wife died of cancer.   ...more

With Malice Towards None

I am a child of divorce.  I wasn’t little when my parents divorced, so there was no custody fight, parenting plan, or alternating weekends.  I was 40 years old.  I can’t remember how I found out…whether it was by phone or in person…and I can’t remember which parent told me.  The details aren’t important....more