Solid As A Rock

Image credit: other things, a strong couple bond is essential to the success of any stepfamily. The most vulnerable relationship is between you and your partner – not between you and your stepkids....more


I just wanted to send a little thought out into the universe:  today I’m feeling so very thankful.  ...more

Dinner Party!: Or, how I’m really an introvert disguised as an extrovert and bumble it up fantastically.

So last night I went to a big ole dinner party and had lots of fun, reconnected with some acquaintances that I’ve known on and off for many years (holy crap I’m getting old), where I made some awesome social blunders that I fully embrace with embarrassment....more

Well crap: Or, when your Ex manipulates your daughter and how to handle it the best that you can.

The girls came up with a special name for their stepdad, something that is of course NOT dad or daddy or father. At any rate, DD1's first idea was shut down by her father months ago, because it made him feel 'uncomfortable' so because she is a sensitive soul, she felt uncomfortable, and after consulting with my therapist and the girls' therapist, i agreed to support her 'change of mind,' poor thing, because it put her in the middle....more
Thank you for your thoughtful responses Shellireads and Lisa Thomson.  After several nights of ...more

A beautiful day, or, how to elope with your fiance and your children

We did an ‘elope on the beach’ package, which was perfect for our little family.  My daughters and I were already up bright and early when the hair and make up artist came to the house, and the girls were so excited to see my curls, they wanted to do something with their hair, too (which was the sneaky, goal, lol).  DD1 decided to have curls, and DD2 opted for two little french braids.  Then, two hours later, we all loaded up into the limo, which the girls adored and couldn’t help climbing all over, and rode through the stormy rain (rain!...more

I’ve Been Unconsciously Coupling for Years!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin decided to consciously uncouple.  As an uncoupled woman myself, I certainly understand the pain and confusion that comes along with that decision.  Your dreams shatter quite consciously.  When I became uncoupled, it was called divorce.  I used to feel bad about myself, but now I’m feeling quite chic.  I am not a divorced woman.  I am a woman who makes conscious decisions and decided to uncouple.  Yes.  That is who I am....more