Remembrance and Gratitude

November 11 is a day for reflection and gratitude.As humans, we aim to be honourable and virtuous while hoping that the challenges to which we are called will be surmountable.  As parents, we raise our children to stand up for what is right but pray that this will never require them to lay down their lives....more

Remembrance Day 2014

This is a video we watch every year, on Remembrance Day, since it was first released. A Pittance of Time, by Terry Kelly.Also, there’s a memory I carry with me, every year. I wrote about it a few years ago, and include it here.God bless all those who serve today, who served yesterday, those who are with us, and gone....more

Our Veterans Fought For Our Right To Fight Injustice and Be Free

When I think of Remembrance Day, I think of my grandfather, Myles. Myles, who is 88 years old, served for Canada and the U.S. during the Second World War, like many other men and women who were his contemporaries. My other grandfather, William, who passed away in his early 60s, also served in the Merchant Navy in Britain, fighting alongside the Royal Navy and Airforce. And while war seems like a lifetime ago, the fact of the matter is, I have a veteran younger than I am in my family. War is a constant – but the sacrifices that these men and women made live on....more

Why I Remember (Lest We Forget)

It’s November 11th....more

The History Of Remembrance Day And Of The Poppy (INFOGRAPHIC)

Remembrance Day has been celebrated since November, 11th, 1919 and since then, we pay tribute to the fallen ones who have fought for our country by giving their lives so we could live in freedom and peace. They are our War Heroes and they have served Canada without any consideration for their own lives and that's why we remember them each year....more

The Bravest Solider

Birth is war. It is raw and visceral and it changes you and you are more and bigger than yourself and trusted with a world that is suddenly and completely changed....more

Go Visit the Dead

It's a left turn off the main drag, past the house with the high stone foundation, up and down a couple of green hills that get greener and shadier. At the dip in the road is the entrance to Riverside Cemetery, headstones spread out on the hills on both sides of the road. The main entrance is an always-open wrought iron gate next to a white shed with hand-written signs posted on the side listing the little rules. No planting flowers. Pots left after the season will be upturned. Cemetery workers will not water the plants. You must do this yourself....more

Lest We Forget

 So today is Remembrance Day - a day that has meant something since I was small. I can remember the ceremony we had for it in school in the first grade. They showed a video made by the Canadian War Amputees and it had a song called 'Never Again'. That has stuck with me. ...more

Why I Won't Be Wearing A Remebrance Day Poppy

It’s early November, which means that our dark, sober winter coats, fresh out of their summer storage, suddenly have bright felt flowers blooming on their lapels. Veterans, dressed in their neatly-pressed Legion uniforms, begin popping up in shopping malls and subway stations, asking for donations. The words Lest We Forget seem to be on everyone’s lips, and my Facebook feed is full of sepia-toned images of baby-faced soldiers and battlegrounds in France.Poppy season is here, y’all....more