Mediterranean to Transitional Bathroom: By Jen Oliak and Danijela Zaric, Interior Designer

 Are you thinking about remodeling projects for your home but need some guidance on how to begin? We remodeled ...more

Top 10 Tips to Consider Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodel

So, you’re getting ready to remodel your kitchen and you can’t wait to get started. But you’ve heard far too many home renovation horror stories from friends and you’re determined not to be one of them. We don’t blame you!...more

Day 3 - Where's Ty Pennington When You Need Him...?

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You are scaring me. We need to a do a bathroom reno in the next  year or so.more

Construction - Yet Again

Yes, today we are supposed to start construction yet again on the house.  Do you think we are crazy?  That may well be, but we love doing this kind of stuff.  ...more

When Cleaning Out the Closet Requires Professional Help

I'm a slob. I admit it. I'm not proud of it; in fact, it drives me crazy. Clutter stresses me out, and yet ... I just let it pile up because finding the time to clean it all stresses me out, too. It's a vicious cycle....more

Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans always get mussed up, don't you agree. It's not all bad but my to do list this week has been a bit altered.  I purchased the onion sets last Saturday and as of yet they are still not in the ground but still in their bundle all tied up nicely with twine, and GROWING. I planned all week to get them in the ground but just didn't happen so this morning I decide that I would quickly get them in the dirt, but, again a turn of events has changed that plan....more

Light Changes

So we're still working on Phase Two of the Guest Bedroom Remodel (I really hate painting door trim because you have to be really careful when painting the place where it meets the wall so it's a veeerryy slow process), but in the meantime we have made a few more changes in other places around the house.  I haven't posted any pics of our foyer to this blog just yet, but it's one of the rooms my hubby worked on today (along with the hall).       The foyer was the same orange-y/gold-ish color as the living room (seen ...more

Guest Bedroom Phase One

As you can tell by the title of a few of my posts, most of our projects are done in phases.  Why?  Because of time and budget constraints.  We do not do renovations on loan!...more

Construction Update

The brick layer is almost done.  A little taller on that wall please.  The hot tub goes on the other side.  ...more

Daddy, House and Clayton

Daddy, on the left had a great day with his friend Jay at the Pioneer Dinner today.  He stayed the whole day, from 10-2, which was quite an outing for someone who has been housed i...more