Down the Drain

Yesterday was a day of picking out sink fixtures, toilets and drains.  Are we having fun yet!  Hey, these things are not cheap, my goodness. ...more

Collateral Damage

As I was getting ready for the day to the usual tune of hammers and saws yesterday I noticed sounds a bit louder and the house shaking more.  They are in the process now of doing the demo on the old bathroom and this is the resulting collateral damage to my guest room wall.  The pictures had to immediately removed and the paint chips off the bed and some of my clothes as my "closet" has moved in there.  ...more

Head Jumble

I've waited all day long to post here because I have hit a brick wall with ideas but I've also got a ton on my my mind and can't seem to sort them out. First, today, I picked up the race packet and I'm trying to be focused and excited on the goal next Saturday. It is a reality and I'm a bit anxious and excited. Tomorrow, Daddy will yet again have an outpatient surgery to take more of a part of the abscess wound to get it to heal better and see what is going on....more


It's called a headache this morning.  I'm still dealing with the aftermath of this stupid cold.  Waking up nearly every morning with a sinus headache just really sucks and starts messing with my desire for d...more

What happens when you dream...

It started about 27 years ago with a new baby and an addition.  Who would have thought.  The addition went up, the baby was born and a designer kitchen was being built. Fast forward to July 2010.  David is off to CA to live with Dad while he attends college and I want to give what was his room a facelift.  I bought a Porter Cable finishing sander and started sanding the floor.  The last coat of poly was applied in August just before we left for vacation.  Literarily!  ...more

Design Partner in Davis

Let me introduce myself. My name is Diana Mahoney and I've created a niche design business in my community of Davis, California. I've taken the roots of my college degree, years of experience in the field and shaped it together, taking into consideration my role as wife and mother first. It really is amazing how it all has come to be, and blogging is a way to document my work and share the scope of my interests which I'm hoping we will share....more

New Ideas for Your Wedding Band

As you gaze into each other's eyes on your wedding day, and exchange vows and slip on your new, shining wedding forward a few years and your new shiney wedding band is well broken in. After 18 years of marriage, not only is my wedding band well broken in, but so is my iron..... The day, I said I do, I also inherited the joys of ironing my husband's business shirts--I loathe ironing. He knows not to come near me when I have a hot iron in my hands. ...more

A lot to talk about: remodel, no sleep, friends, sexual revolution!?

My latest blog is about our forever remodel and we haven't even started the major one yet.  When will it ever end.  I've also uploaded some recent pics of the progress so far.  I didn't sleep last night or the night before so that is not helping my mood.  I read the latest article in O Magazine about women-women relationships and found it very interesting since it has happened in my circle of friends.  Check out the read.    ...more

My Name is Margaret and I'm a Utensilaholic

Some of you caught my juxtapositional photo the other day when I showed you a container of nasty ass food on my brand new counter in my L.A. condo. That counter was the result of a recent kitchen remodel. Yes, in spite of living in two different cities, I held my breath, gave my keys to the contractor, left LaLa Town, and hoped for the best. Luckily... BEFORE: ...more

Could be a lot worse, meat pounders sound kind of useful, everybody has enough meat to ...more