Turning Dated Laminate Countertop into Modern Concrete Countertop Without Ripping Out Old Countertop

The house we bought is in excellent condition, however it's quite dated.  Take these FABULOUS laminate counter tops, they're in pristine condition for being thirty years old...alas they are seven...more

Day 13 - A Dab Will Do Ya...

 I've always hated this wallpaper ...more

DIY Bathroom Renovation with Vintage Finds

Image: Mr. CabinetCare...more

When Remodeling a Bathroom, Remember the Details

I recently renovated my downstairs half bathroom (or, as some call it, my powder room). Though I’m thrilled with the final result, my renovation journey was not without its speed bumps. Google, Consumer Reports and Pinterest helped, but still didn't stop me from ignoring some important details—especially because so many products have to be ordered online, sight unseen. ...more
That was one of my first decisions: no moving the pipes or the electric. That way lies madness. :-)more

it's like camping

i keep telling myself it could be worse - we're just without flooring, furniture, and eat breakfast lunch and dinner standing up. i can't find anything and it's so dusty and dirty everywhere. but it really truly could be worse. we are very fortunate - this is nothing i say to my crawling skin....more

renovations... of the heart?

new floors are coming! we are underway. lots of mess everywhere. we don't have a garage, so we have shoved everything we own into our little attic and into our girls' bedrooms. it is tight, it is irritating, and it is not fun!...more

Screw your courage to the sticking place. Also, nail, staple, and epoxy...

A few days ago, we decided to tackle the "decorative" piece of drywall hanging from the ceiling, making a visual divider between the kitchen and dining room. I'm sure this giant, useless, yellow, curved piece that blocks a lot of light and makes the ceiling look shorter was really cool at some point... well, maybe not, but somebody sure thought it was. We figured it would take about an hour to remove this....more

10 Signs You Might Have Hired The Wrong Painter From Craigslist

A few years ago, I impulsively ripped all of the blue wallpaper off the walls in our bathroom. I started texturing the walls, but quickly realized I was in over my head with two little helpers in tow. So I turned to Craigslist to find a painter. Here are the 10 warning signs I missed. 10 Signs You Might Have Hired The Wrong Painter...more
intentionalmom Frantic Mama The cut-off shirt alone?!  Dear God!  LOL.more


Nothing promotes peace, love and harmony in a marriage more than a remodel, does it?  Multiple discussions about style, design and what to include in the remodel, not to mention budget, are all part of the fun.  Countless shopping trips to look at fixtures, furniture and hardware take the place of “date night”.  The rule for remodels is pretty much the same as for vacations:  if you have time to do it, you don’t have the money.  If you have money to spend, you don’t have time.  It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s definitely proven true for us. We lov...more

The House that my sweepstakes prize built.

I won a luxury minivan.  I sold it, and bought my first fixer-upper home. What a journey I went through. http://sherryeveritt.blogspot.com/...more