In Mali, renewable energy boosts agricultural production

UN Women supports hundreds of women in 13 rural areas by transforming the economic and social landscape to support their resilience in the face of climate change. ...more

What The Election Of 2010 Means For Green: Not Much, by Shari Shapiro

As a self-proclaimed East Coast liberal intellectual who drinks Starbucks Grande Nonfat Decaf Lattes on a regular basis, I woke up this morning after the Mid-term elections of 2010 with a heavy heart.  I thought to myself, as I took public transportation to my office from my energy efficient townhouse in Center City Philadelphia, what will happen to environmental policy in this country? Now that the Republicans have the majority of the House, and spooked the pants off my latte-drinking bretheren on the left, has the green revolution bee...more

Renewable Energy -- Not in My Backyard!

Admittedly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to wind turbines.  For decades, they have decorated – or defaced? – the desert alongside Interstate 10 near Palm Springs.  A curiosity, to be sure, but not too many folks complained because nobody lives in their immediate area except a few roadrunners and rattlesnakes....more

Gotta Start Small to Go Big

Anybody remember President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech? We were watching it at the Sierra Club Green Home offices, excited to hear about his successes on the environmental front. President Obama is one impressive orator but according to that speech, he plans to: fix the economy; implement a new health care policy; complete the war in Afghanistan/Iran; rebuild our standing internationally; help impoverished nations; among other important problems to address – not to mention, foster the green movement and bring renewable energy to America....more

Ramping up renewable energy, tweeting down home energy use

I'm lucky to live in a state that's a leader when it comes to renewable energy. In fact, Schwarzenegger wants California to get 33% of our energy from renewable sources come 2020 -- and many of us want the switch to happen even faster! ...more

Direct Cash Payments to Business May Advance Economic Development & Expand Renewable Energy Use

One new development on the national energy initiative for business owners and the self-employed got my attention!  With few businesses seeking tax credits, many renewable energy developers are expected to opt instead for direct federal payments. The Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of the Treasury are now accepting applications from renewable energy project developers that wish to receive direct federal payments in lieu of tax credits. ...more

Al Gore's Renewable Energy Pledge - I wanna believe it's possible!

In a recent speech, Al Gore issued a challenge to the United States similar to one issued by JFK many years ago. But instead of saying that America could put a man on the moon in 10 years, Al Gore challenges policymakers and the American public to adopt policies and practices that will allow us use 100% carbon-free energy in the next ten years. You can watch the entire video of Al Gore's Carbon-Free challenge, and sign the corresponding petition if you wish. ...more