This is it.  Here comes your Easter Break Down in, like, just a few short sentences.  The only one you really need.  Yes, Easter is cool.  And I'm old school about it.  I like to see the kiddos doing the whole Easter egg thing.  Coloring them, finding them, Easter bonnets, baskets.   O.C. Pastor Dan Mendoza's church does all that, but the challenge he says, is to move beyond the glitz and "get to the heart of the message."  ...more

40-Days Of Contemplation and A Give-Away!

Many people don't realize my husband was a minister for over 20 years. That's right-- a church minister. During that time, he served in two independent congregations as the senior pastor....more


This is my favorite time of year.  I love the sounds of the birds chirping, the soft breeze through the trees, and the sound of children playing outside.  I love to see the the trees in bloom:...more

Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring, my darlings!  Today is the day we enter the season of hope and renewal.Looking outside, I can see flowers blooming and trees filling out.  This is my favorite season of the year in gardening and in spirit.  This year, it is especially a time of renewal for me personally and I am looking forward to the future with excitement and joy....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” You’re In Need Of Transforming Yourself 3-9-12

If you haven’t noticed already, the past few readings seem to lead to a personal transformation of some sort.Examine beneath the surface of your illusions and determine whether you’re in need of transforming yourself.Opposing Energies: depression, unmotivated, karma, obstaclesYou may be beginning a new career, lifestyle or relationship.There’s knowledge available, and obstacles are overcome by gainers in your efforts to change yourself in some creative and permanent way....more

Life lessons from castor beans and falling leaves

 The leaves are coming off so fast now.  They deposit a yellow carpet on the ground beneath our maples that turns brown in a day or two. My impatiens have been bit by frost and look devastated.  Ditto the castor bean plants planted at the edge of the garden that were supposed to repel moles.  They stood strong and vigorous just a few short days ago....more

From Grief to Gratitude

Even in a down-turned economy $1000 goes a long way. But sometimes, when the $1000 are counted in pesos, we Americans can momentary feel shorted.South of the Boarder it costs around $99 pesos for a sack of dog food, $55 pesos for a meal at Burger King, and $49 pesos for a movie theater ticket. Not so bad considering it takes some $1000 Zimbabwean to buy a jar of pasta sauce, a pack of diapers, or a small can of coffee –if available....more

A New Year and a Chance to Be Better (Really)

But about five years ago, my husband and I began a journey to a more observant life and came to understand that these days -- the Days of Awe -- have a deep meaning indeed. We pray that God will write us in the Book of Life for another year. "On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed." It is a chance to think about how we live -- and love. Of what kinds of people we really are, and how we treat those around us. We repent those sins we know we have committed and those we don't realize we've done. Here's what I wrote about it on my own blog a couple of years ago. ...more

I just wrote the flip side of this - why I don't observe Yom Kippur, but I really loved reading ...more

Motherhood and the Little Hotties

While I’m on the beach topic…I couldn’t help myself. What in the world is that title about? Hotties?! No, not a mid-life crisis. Just a thought or more as motherhood and age settle in on this thirty-something-mom of three kids. A few weeks ago I had a lovely best-friends-date. Yes, two moms, happily strapped with one baby each (all older children left at home.) Lots of pee and poo. Lots of food. Tons of talking. Cooing. And drooling....more

Say My Name

Say it out loud.   When we give voice to what we feel in our heart, we express our emotion...more