Is It Worth It to Have a Decent Credit Score??

Recently, we put our house up for a short sale to rent a townhouse closer to work and college. Half the people I talked to about it were, "good idea, will definitely save money, sounds great." The other half were pretty upset, stating such things as, "It is your duty to pay for the house, you are throwing everything away, you are going to drag your credit score into the ground and it will be very difficult to bring it back up." So I ask myself: Is it worth it to have a decent credit score? Why?...more
I will definitely say the my buying a house, at 10%-15% down, at an early age, in a bad ...more

You say I owe how much for rent? How Modern Girls Handle Independent Living

www.notetoyoulilsis.comWith more and more women choosing to hold off on "settling down", or coming out of long term relationships - the modern girl is looking to living on their own. No roommates, No man, No compromise. As ladies embark on this new adventure, we'll try to make this transition smoother! Here are a few tips to ensure you stay ahead of the curve....more

5 Fixed Expenses: Keep Them Low for Financial Flexibility

Keeping your fixed expenses low is the quickest and most sustainable way to live within your means, save for big-ticket items such as retirement and college tuitions, and prepare for financial emergencies. What are fixed expenses? ...more

Good advice--I've often wondered if our cell phone plan is worth it; especially because I only ...more

Donate to my debt relief in exchange for fresh jam of your choice

I am encouraging you all to take a look at both my blog and twitter ( to get an idea of my situation for the past week before commenting negatively on this. I am involved in a dire financial situation due to an evil ex roommate and her boyfriend, and as an out of state student if I lose my apartment I have no where to go. ...more

Tired of Paying Rent, but Cannot Qualify to Purchase?

Tired of paying rent but don't have enough cash or are too frightened to purchase your own place? Rather than let your single-income status keep you from buying the house of your dreams, consider the option of purchasing a permanent place with a friend. These days an increasing amount of unattached singles are pooling assets so that they can qualify for down payment and financing requirements when they can not afford do it on their own. ...more

When Real Estate Plays a Part in Your Relationship

Scenario:  You are in a great relationship in New York City (or any city for that matter).  You make each other happy.  You can't wait to see that person after a long day at work.  You love sleeping next to them and miss them when they are not there.  You ...more

Ive been "living" with my ex-husband in the same house for a year because of the ...more

The Handbag market: Sales Declining, Prices Slashing, Some Turn to Renting. Is it Hell In A Handbag?

A couple of years ago a leather company hired me to write some speeches for a sales meeting. Actually, the meeting company subcontracted with me to write the speeches which is an important distinction. If the company had interviewed me for the project I wouldn't have been hired. ...more

After years of creating and living a life of voluntary simplicity, I just started a job working ...more