Repairing a Candle Flame Shawl

CANDLE FLAME SHAWLThis shawl is four years old. It's my favourite one and I use it a lot. The pattern is a free one, the popular Candle Flame....more


Tonight I dined with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a while....more
Smiling ... feeling contented for a moment.more

The House that my sweepstakes prize built.

I won a luxury minivan.  I sold it, and bought my first fixer-upper home. What a journey I went through.

Handi-Women...Empowering Women with Knowledge and Tools!

Ladies, Handi-Women is now offering Hands-On Home Improvement Classes and tools for women only. What a great way to jump stat your life. Theses classes are entirely hands on. You actually repair common home repair problems in class under the direction of a qualified instructor. Repair walls, re-grout ceramic tile, fix a running toilet etc. You will go home feeling empowered to make repairs, because you have already practiced performing the it in as safe environment. To sign up for these exciting classes, or for more information about Handi-Women visit ...more