Elkhart Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon Race Report

 http://triingforpro.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/elkhart-lake-race-report/ Katie Morsewww.the-regimen.com ...more

State of Our Unions Report; Yet another tool in the War against Women

So I am surfing ye olde interwebs while listening to my "remember the 80's" music channel - cause I loves me some Whitensake served side by side to Bronski Beat, when I head on over to CNN to catch up on the American news. ...more

Status Report: Motherly Law at 6 Months

First, I would like to thank the Academy and … oh wait, wrong speech. What I mean to say is, I would like to thank all of my lovely readers. I don't know if anyone has been keeping count besides me, but I have now been at this blogging thing for 6 months....more

Top reasons that employers give for accessing, and why they are wrong

Here is a list of the reasons people give for wanting your credit report, and why those reasons are complete bunk.  This list comes from e-how (in bold), and my reasoning is in normal ...more

Your credit report should be a privacy issue--illegal for employers to access

  Everyone has seen the Credit report commercials depicting a young man working in a crab shack serving tourists instead of working at the job he is qualified to do. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life for some of the most highly educated individuals in this country. ...more

I want to know how long the federal government can go allowing this cycle to continue.  ...more

Thinking Outside the Bar --the Candy Bar

All entrepreneurs are focusing on innovation and the candy industry is no exception.   A new survey of candy and chocolate experts finds taste buds are tingling for bold new experiences. ...more

Teens Use of Social Media Change Their Parent's World

Do you really know your teen? Do you have a functional relationship or is it just a culinary or financial one? Are you able to communicate your values and experiences and have a young person be receptive to listening to you? Don't be too quick to answer. ...more

Most of these technologies happened within 10-12 years of roll out. No telling what will be ...more